SCAN - 2010 Worldwide Service Report Via 2011 Yearbook

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  • Gayle

    PM me for scan reference.

  • Gayle

    Some countries with no increase or negative:

    Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Cayman Islands, Croatia, Czeck, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Lebanon, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland. Several other smaller islands, or small countries.

    U.S. listed with 2% increase, but their numbers before "rounding up" would be 1.7%. U.S. avg. auxilary pioneers decreased 11.6% (so probable reason for their new idea to do trial effort in April with lower hour requirement of 30). Mem. Att. increased .6%, baptized increased 1%.

  • slimboyfat

    Could you post a scan on the board, that would be great.

  • Gayle

    slimboyfat,,you have a PM.

    I don't think we're to put a "scan" directly on this site. If I am wrong, then I still don't know how to do any copy & paste method for that. It is lengthy - 4 pages.

  • ziddina

    Well, Gayle, thanks for the brief summary of the highlights, at any rate...

    Very interesting!!

  • Gayle

    Countries showing 1% growth: (though many of these are only "rounded up")

    Australia - .7%;

    Britain - .6%

    Canada - .6%

    France - .6%

    Italy - .6%

    Spain - .8%

  • Gayle

    (from poster on FB) Malta -3%

    Latvia -1%

    Austria 0%
    Belgium 0%
    Bosnia & Herzegovinia 0%
    Croatia 0%
    Czech Republic 0%
    Denmark 0%
    Finland 0%
    Germany 0%
    Grenada 0%
    Guadeloupe 0%
    Iceland 0%
    Ireland 0%
    Japan 0%
    Lithuania 0%
    Netherlands 0%
    Poland 0%
    Portugal 0%
    Slovakia 0%
    Sweden 0%
    Switzerland 0%
    Virgin Islands 0%

    American Samoa 1%
    Australia 1%
    Britain 1%
    Canada 1%
    Chad 1%
    Chile 1%
    Cuba 1%
    France 1%
    Greece 1%
    Guyana 1%
    Hungary 1%
    Italy 1%
    Jamaica 1%
    Korea 1%
    Moldova 1%
    Norway 1%
    Slovenia 1%
    Spain 1%
    Sudan 1%

    Argentina 2%
    Brazil 2%
    Estonia 2%
    Haiti 2%
    Hong Kong 2%
    Malawi 2%
    Mozambique 2%
    New Zealand 2%
    Russia 2%
    Tanzania 2%
    Trinidad & Tobago 2%
    Ukraine 2%
    USA 2% 1,115,786

    Cyprus 3%
    Nigeria 3%
    Panama 3%

    Colombia 4%
    Hawaii 4%
    Liberia 4%
    Mexico 4%
    Uganda 4%

    Costa Rica 5%
    Guatemala 5%
    Honduras 5%
    Venezuela 5%
    Zambia 5%

    South Africa 6%

  • ex-Special Pioneer
    ex-Special Pioneer

    Thanks Gayle for sharing the report with us.

    The main increase is in countries that the level of education is very low.

    The first country that is mentioned is Malta -3%. Exposing the so called "Zone Visit" of the 5th President of the WT Society Mr. Milton Henschel in this country left an impact on many individual. This person along with the Italian Branch Co-ordinator Mr. Walter Farnetti together with their wives were staying in a luxury 5 star hotel. In the morning instead of joining the rest of the publishers they were visiting historical places. Later in the afternoon meeting the Pioneer's and Elders and in the evening giving the repetitive talk "Remember Your God in Your Youth."

    Seeing the hypocrisy many stopped attending and others just stopped being active members. The majority of the 2nd generation when they reach 16 they stop attending meetings. Internet and sites like these are opening the eyes of open minded members.

  • daniel-p

    I'd like to see those growth rates as a function of those countries' GDPs, or normalized household income. This would give interesting insight into the Effort vs. Reward of preaching in those countries and how much money the Watchtower can expect to be donated.

    Of course, I'm sure they've already done this analysis, and realize that that growth is unsustainable in terms of donations supporting the work.

  • Hoffnung

    Thank you Gayle. The download worked perfect. Interesting stats will pop up soon. I am thinking about making a little analysis about the european and/or industrialized countries.

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