10 Predictions of 2011

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  • villabolo

    OBVES, you can do one of two things.

    Either mark off every day in the calendar as "Jesus comes back day" or take some Zyprexa.


  • tec

    Jeff - You're still submitting to publishers without an agent, aren't you? Some of them have open submission policies - even though it is very rare to get taken out of a slush pile. But it happens (as it happened to me). And if you do find a publisher, but are wary about signing without an agent, you can get an agent as soon as the publisher makes an offer. A legitimate publisher should ask if you want to get an agent before agreeing, and if they object to you suggesting it yourself, then be wary of the publisher.

    Its all your choice and how you want to go about it. But I would give it more than a year or two, and work on other manuscripts in the meantime. Finding an agent can be just as hard as finding a publisher.

    There are also contests and stuff that you should enter, if only to get some recognition and have that on your cover letter. Plus, some are judged by editors and/or agents.

    Just a couple suggestions. Your writing and your voice is very strong :)


  • JeffT

    Tammy, I have made a couple of submissions to publishers who say its OK on their webistes. Mostly I'm looking for an agent. I'm going to start my own thread on my writing shortly.

  • free2beme

    Crazy ... some of these were not that far off.

    I think I have to get credit for at least 3-4

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