What would you hate about the Paradise...

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  • Vidiot

    No cheeseburgers.

    No monster movies, or horror movies, or science fiction/fantasy movies .

    No comic books.

    No sex (if I die and get resurrected).

    No rock music.

    No technothriller novels.

    And so on...

    I actually remember a few years back listing all the things about a WT New System I'd be unhappy with, and concluded that I'd rather be dead than live forever like that.

  • bohm

    seriously, no sex for the resurrected? is that an official doctrine?

    so if a married couple dies --> no sex, ever?

  • Vidiot

    You betcha, Bohm. I don't know if it's ever been explicitly stated, but it was common knowledge among all the JWs I knew growing up. It stemmed from a Bible passage about the resurrected "being as the angels, neither marrying , nor being given in marriage". I could be paraphrasing.

    What other interpretation would one expect from a (mostly) sexually repressed leadership?

  • bohm

    i dont believe it. they cant possible believe that couples who survive armageddon will get to have sex, while couples where at least one part die before wont.

  • free2beme

    No excape! No ability to leave when you are bored or in doubt. Personally, I always found the idea of the paradise world to be some what like a prison state. In which the walls are built to keep you in, but if you choose to leave, you find death. At least now, in this world, if you find something to not work for you ... jumping the wall is just another life, and not death.

  • marcopolo

    imagine a paradise as say the wts it is absurd and stupid , they imagine , that there is and this other not .

    therefore I hate that there is the WTS

  • porfiada

    As a "disappeared" (didn't bother fading) JW young adult I could not imagine why would my mother want to live in a paradise where (according to JW beliefs) NONE of her then adult five children would be. The only child she was expecting to be re-united with was my three month old baby sister that passed away just a couple of months before I was conceived. That was her main attraction to the WTS doctrine, that she would have her baby resurrected. yet, in this life, she did not have much time for her last three children (me specially shunned me as I was once a baptized JW at the innocent age of 15) and had lost the custody of the first two for trying to kidnap them (before being a JW).

    Not only that but she would have to live in paradise forever with her extra dominant self-righteous machist JW husband, who wouldn't get outta bed until she brings breakfast to him, and wouldn't let her go anywhere unless she was going witnessing (that is the main reason why she pioneered in her last year of health, she told me so).

    What about the lack of fun rock n roll music? .....imagine living with kingdom melodies instead of your favorite music bands...

    What about the people who are resurrected? The WTS says they won't be able to marry, as they will be like angels. So even if you are resurrected, you don't have a second chance at love. I could do with a clean start on that front, with or without dying first.

    What about the JWs that remained single to do more witnessing? Once the paradise is here they will go mad trying to couple up. What if you are not as pretty as the others? Will you miss out? Will you get jealous? What if you have a crush on some sisters' boyfriend? Will you just be able to switch off your libido and for get it? People will have to look as they used to, or their family won't be able to recognize them. So we can't all have the same looks, and only some will have the "good looks" so how can there be an equal society?

    Diversity in the environment and within our species plus the fight for life are the main forces that rule our existence now. We have to adapt to the environment and compete for resources and mates if we want to live and have a legacy. It is natural selection wether you like it or not. Just like with all the other species on earth. And don't know how oif lifeon earth going to work without it. I am doubtful that paradise can be a reality.

  • porfiada

    There is little backing for the idea of a paradise on earth anyway, probably a world of peace etc can be found in Heaven, where we don't have the natural laws of earth. After all we have been duped about the "great crowd"; it will be heaven not earth, like C.T. Russel originally taught and ordinary Christendom believes. For any doubts check questionable doctrines in jwfacts.com, just to give you an example.Remembe, the wod paradise figures only once in the bible, when jesus said "I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise" which the WT changed by adding a comma in the wrong place (greek has no commas) I tell you today, you will be with me in paradise. We all know that too. That and the great crowd are well explained in http://www.sixscreensofthewatchtower.com/1paradiseearth.html.


  • Think About It
    Think About It

    i dont believe it. they cant possible believe that couples who survive armageddon will get to have sex, while couples where at least one part die before wont.

    Maybe the resurrected ones will get to watch.

    Think About It

  • wasblind

    " Mowing the 'park like setting's' grass without fuel, metal - how this will be done I have no idea..."

    Hey shamus,

    the animals would graze in your yard and anywhere else needed to keep the grass

    from growing to tall, just watch your step, until the pooper scoopers get around to

    cleaning it up. Paradise sounds like hard labor to me.

    JW's think they have it hard now, just wait 'til they get to paradise

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