What would you hate about the Paradise...

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  • Butterflyleia85

    Well I was thinking... Kinda random stuff this morning. There was on the news of volcano eruption in Brussel and it was so cool looking. No injuries were found but I got to see the lava and thinking how beautiful it was. How actually all worlds distructive events are truly remarkable. Like tornatos... I think of the movie Twister where they were strapped down whirling around inside the tornato. That was amazing and I weirdly enough wanted to do that! ha This is just a few examples...

    I also think of the amazing people who were in my life that weren't to moral and maybe even evil... How if they weren't or never been in my life how boring and simple life would be without them. Not saying I wanted to be them but just observe them. ha

    Then what about shedding a tear now an then how it's like a release... I would hate to cry all the time because of the embarressment... but the emotion of sadness makes us appressiate the happiness. As well with a little bet of anger and violence... it's a release... to punch a punching bag or to do kick boxing... man the adrenaline of it. Not really injuring anyone but the feeling of it just a little bet at that moment for that short period of time can be such a release.

    Am I weird... lol Well I guess this invites crazy comments... What would you hate about the Paradise?

  • Cthulhu

    Living amongst nothing but sanctimonious, self-rightous, and pretentious assholes.

  • confuzzled777

    Interesting post.......If the whole world would be turned into a Paradise that the WTS portrays in all the publications, than I would hate to not have the transportation that we have now. I want to travel the world......NOW I understand that I would have eternity to travel, so it would not matter how long it took to get there and back. BUT I cannot imagine life without cars, planes or trains.

    BUT I think that there will be everlasting life on earth. Call me crazy. I know of MANY christians who are NOT JW's (Baptist friends and Catholic friends for example) that believe in a Paradise type life. So, for me, I feel that maybe there is some truth to the concept. I don't know if it will be the type of Paradise that the WTS portrays.......Everyone has their own view of how Paradise will be for them.

    Having said that.....I have NEVER felt like ONLY those who profess to be JW's will be there. How can God deem one faith more worthy than another? I am a fairly optamistic person and I CHOOSE to believe that God is the one who judges the hearts of people of all kinds of faiths.

    I believe that we will still have emotions......one can experience anger without violence, sadness without death, etc. Why would we have emotions that as you stated make life a bit more interesting and have them taken away? I enjoy cursing to release my frustrations and anger! It IS a release to just let it all out and have a good cry, even if it is over some sappy commercial that played on Animal Planet. lol

    Cthulhu, NOT all JW's who proclaim to be His followers will even make it...... So those who are sanctimonious, self-righteous and pretentious assholes just might NOT make it......just saying. No disrespect at all. I would not want to live forever with those type of people either!!

    I will continue to live my life as close to what He expects of me and IF there is a Paradise, which I hope there is, MAYBE I will be considered for it.

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    Eating so much fruit wouldn't do me any good.

  • Butterflyleia85

    I agree with you confuzzled... and had this long long writen explination then accidently deleted it... I working on it again....

  • cameo-d

    They won't have "Paradise" until they clean up the mess that is being created right now. It will take a thousand years. "Paradise" will still be dangling at the end of the carrot stick. Door to door will change. No magazines to sell. Just bagging dead bodies. On the plus side...some JWs will get to rummage the houses. That's what death cults are all about.

  • iceguy

    No Internet!

  • Girlie

    Personally, I can't speak out against something I have yet to experience. Not sure if I truly want the JW brand of paradise, but I would love to be in some form or another of a paradise.

  • Butterflyleia85

    I’m glad you mentioned that confuzzled.

    I myself still feel that there will be a paradise this world will be as… but not quite what Jehovah’s Witnesses describe it.

    My Dream of Paradise - I feel we are all born with good. That sometimes what life gives us effects how we turn out. Sometime also how we are born... Being imperfect and all isn’t what we expected and thus we have to face the world the way we are (ugly, dumb, gay, handicap, extremely short, being in an body of opposite sex, deformed, etc.) nothing is wrong with these differences but I had to list some things that our culture still has problems understanding or facing… that make ones feel weak… maybe even how we were raised or what environment we were brought up in effects us in a negative way. So go so deep into hate and anger… but really how would we know unless there was good?

    I say that a paradise to me isn’t about being perfect but that good happens at every corner… we pray, we learn, we grow and God literally answers our prayers… he sends an angel and our own personal fairy godmother that granting each one of our wishes and answers all our concerns… (Again not through negative unrighteous gains but what a Righteous God feels you deserve).

    No one dies no one loses anyone… just learns and feels the happiness in success or achievements, in friends, and in family, in life….

    We still have anger, we still have disasters but all restored either by a miracle or by work of helpful people around us, we still have discipline but not anything that is over baring, we still have all that we have now in this life but we don’t have to be so patient to the extent we do evil or act out evil or negatively.

    So the world is to small for all these people… I say God should let the world and planets get bigger then were we all fit on this earth. ha

    That’s my thinking anyways…

  • james_woods

    I don't really think I would like living on an Earth with 70 Billion people on exactly 1 and 1/3 acres for even a day - let alone forever.

    And let alone being ordered around by a totalitarian JW government.

    The paradisers would be praying for a Solar super-nova within about six weeks of that hell on earth.

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