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  • Walk On
    Walk On

    Thanks! With regards to the questions, its more like an 2,033 word essay! And they answered NONE of it, sly talked around it all saying I needed a bible study (again) to truly comprehend. I can post it here if you like, or somewhere else?

  • Walk On
    Walk On

    So I will be posting the essay in that private section. Gosh it has been a while since I posted my hellos... just busy living (a new) life I guess. :)

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    I am new also, welcome!

  • VampireDCLXV

    I bid you welcome Walk On.

    Another BCer here and I'm soooooo proud of it! I love this place and you can hardly go wrong living here. Little wonder the slogan here is: "The Best Place on Earth". Glad you came to your senses. Stick around. We're here for ya.


  • Walk On
    Walk On

    Here is a sampling of what I gave to them, but after that point it gets way too long to write. Anyways they didn't answer any of my questions and said I needed a bible study with them. :(

    • Why did God create us? [I don’t accept that it was to worship him, that is egocentric and unnecessary for someone with divine power. The answer must be something else.]

    • Why was it better for 100,000,000 people to have died through history, many horribly and beyond violently than Jehovah just getting rid of Satan? [It is not just their deaths that are upsetting, but the tragic lives that have been lived. It really says that all that pain and suffering did not mean enough to God in order to prove a point to beings that He created. If we are so far down the importance list why would he care if we worshipped him or not. As the creator of the Universe and everything in it, a point like that does not need to be made.]

    • Why does the Society discourage doing our own research, and telling us where Not to look, as to the validity of our religion? [Such thought reflects an order more like a cult than God’s Truth. For an example, if Catholics told its parishioners the same thing, the Society would chastise them, in print, that they are trying to blind their eyes to the Truth.]

    • If the organization is really God’s spokespeople on earth, Or guided by him, why have statements changed over time? Examples below:

    • The Society actively promoted Armageddon arriving in 1975, but it did not arrive. Even this one event failing makes me believe that the Society cannot possibly be Gods voice as he would not let false statements become, He cannot lie, is, I believe, the statement. Evidence regarding 1975 from the Society’s published work:

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    It's better to only give them one question. That way they don't get to pick and choose and you might not scare them off by looking like the big bad Apostate the WT has been warning them about.

    Make sure it's a doozy. Make sure you already know all of the standard answers and excuses for not answering.

    If they do reply, don't accept diversions. The longer an answer is, the more likely it is that it doesn't answer your original question. With these people it is more about tactics than logic or the quality of the argument and data.


  • Walk On
    Walk On

    @Black Sheep well I gave them that list back in early '10 so its too late for that now, I haven't looked back. :)

    So annoying though how they just shake their head with this moonie smile, that I just don't understand cause I don't have the holy spirit... sigh I was born into it and in it for 35 years yet once I leave I'm just some dummy that couldn't understand...

  • ziddina

    Welcome to the board!! Your questions were concise and hard-hitting - I'd love to read your bio when you have time to post it...

  • cantleave

    Hi, I missed you intro 6 months ago, so a belated welcome

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