Do non-JW's who die after 1914 get resurrected?

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  • InterestedOne

    I read something that indicates the WTS believes that all those who lived & died after 1914 will not be resurrected. Supposedly they believe everyone has had an opportunity to hear the WT message. Is this really a WT belief? Are there any articles that say this? If so, it would seem to contradict the idea of "real hope for loved ones who have died." I'm confused. What do JW's believe about non-JW's who have died after 1914 but before Armageddon? Here is where I read it:

    "Response to 'What Does the Bible Really Teach'" by Wilbur Lingle on page 72.

  • designs


    Witnesses are taught that people who die now will be resurrected, those that die at Armageddon will not.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The Watchtower people speak out of both sides of their *mouth* on this one.

    They say that anyone who dies before the judgement of Armageddon has the opportunity to be resurrected, but Jehovah and Jesus are the judges as to whether they had a thorough witness given to them. Even then, they must have blasphemed the holy spirit in some way to be rejected for a resurrection to stand judgement by God.

    The basic teaching is that death pays for our inherited sins, but some may have deliberate sins when they knew better than to blaspheme the spirit they way they did.

    BUT the real reason they do make huge allowances for people to be resurrected if they died before Armageddon is so that the JW's don't leave over their non-JW family's deaths. If a mother loses her son or a daughter loses her mother in death, Watchtower teachings allow them to believe they have to remain faithful to Watchtower in case Armageddon comes. It is the only way they will be able to see that son or mother in "the new system."

    Some would fall away if they were told they can hang it up for Grandma or Grandson being resurrected. They would rather die too.

    Or in short: It's a cult.

  • leavingwt

    If Armageddon happens this Saturday, everyone* who died before this Saturday will get a resurrection. Those alive on Saturday who are not JWs will have their throats slit by Jesus.

    *Everyone except the "wicked", a small group consisting of filthy apostates, Hitler and a few others.

  • designs

    I like this Jesus, reminds me of some B Horror movie and your date would snuggle in closer

  • villabolo

    leavingwt: "*Everyone except the "wicked", a small group consisting of filthy apostates, Hitler and a few others."

    What's the latest truth on the Sodomites?


  • designs

    Don't Ask Don't Tell

  • cameo-d

    At the time of Armageddon---which is right now---those who are alive will be presented with much information in order to be able to make a choice as to whom they will serve. No man can serve two masters. JWs now have much information available about their cult. If they choose not to acknowledge it or read it...well, they have freewill. But they have chosen to listen to the Watchtower masters rather than heed the Spirit of Truth. The point is that in the end no one of this generation living today will be able to say "I did not know."

    The only reason they may not know is because they chose to not know. They exercised their free will to serve man.

    Will they be resurrected? You bet. The scriptures say the resurrection is for the just and the unjust alike. What will happen to obedient JWs that are resurrected? They will get their punishment. They will be left here to clean up the mess. This is going to be a really nasty planet when the evil ones are done wrecking it. It will be a wasteland. Why do you think JWs have been discouraged from education? You don't need to know anything about science in order to pick up dead animals and bag them. JWs have trained to be the cleaning crew and that's what they will get.

    The resurrection of the just? There will be a new heaven and a new earth.

  • NewYork44M

    filthy apostates, Hitler and a few others

    Don't forget Mother Theresa. JWs place here in the same category as Hitler.

  • sir82

    Yes, there was a Watchtower article about 10 or 15 years ago in which the Watchtower Society granted permission to Jehovah for him to resurrect anyone who died prior to the outbreak of Armageddon. Previously they had only given him clearance to resurrect those who had died prior to 1914, as you indicated.

    Jehovah is most appreciative of the undeserved kindness the WTS has decided to show.

    A search of the WT-CD for study articles on "resurrection" from the 90's would probably yield the exact article.

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