Do non-JW's who die after 1914 get resurrected?

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    What's the latest truth on the Sodomites?

    For a cult obsessed with certainty, this question has long been their Achilles' heel, has it not?

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    I like Jesus, Mr. Love, love love love, he promises to come into your bedroom some night [Second Coming or Armageddon] and take you or preserve you but your lovely marriage mate who has been a sweat and loving parent and all around good person but never did the Genuflection thingy you are suppose to do in front of Mr. Love and they get sent ot Hell or the Second Death.

    Its such a sweat love story sniff sniff

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    They have vacillated on this as well. Goin way back Russell preached that the judgment was future, hence resurrection was for everyone dying before the bigA. However Rutherford changed that back in the 20's. Here is a very clear statement:

    w56 7/1 p. 401 par. 18 What Dedication Means to Me ***So each one of you undedicated persons has today the same freedom to choose, a choice of life or death. If you deliberately refuse to dedicate yourself to Jehovah God in this judgment day of his in which we now are living, your life will end at Armageddon, if not before, as a condemned sinner without right to life and even without hope of a resurrection.

    They continued this teaching for many years. They clearly said that the separating of sheep from goats was a judgement taking place based upon the reception of the JW preaching.

    Since they have produced the fruits of God's Kingdom, Jehovah has blessed them richly by bringing them up to date in "the greatly diversified wisdom of God."-Ephesians 3:10. Thus, in 1923 Jesus' great prophecy about the sheep and the goats was properly understood, and it was discerned that the whole world was under judgment. (Matthew 25:31-46) --WT, 5/15/1986, p.14.

    If someone dies having been judged a 'goat' because they refused the JW doctrine, they were not to be resurrected, having been judged once for all time.

    It wasn't until 1995, I think, that they repealed the doctrine of current judgement, saying the separating/judgement was yet future.

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    Doubtfully Yours

    The Bible teaches that only Jehovah, the reader of hearts and minds, the benevolent God, knows who will be resurrected. However, Armageddon is an act of God and those killed during it will remain so. Makes perfect sense.

    One must not worry about that, but rather try to live in a way that grants us God's approval.


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    deleted because it just isn't worth it

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