4/15/11 Watchtower--quote on ministerial servants

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  • DanaBug

    Wouldn't lowering the bar cause them more problems later on? I wonder if they've thought this one through.

  • blondie

    It's not new...it was true from the very beginning in the change in the 1970's. I saw men appointed after only a year, my hubbie was one, and he was not a born in.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad


    The Society doesn't think things through. They speculate!

    I agree with you. With how complex life has gotten especially in the family circle, seasoned individuals with higher than average education who (as was mentioned) have been 'tested as to fitness' are want is needed even to serve as M Ss. And that is because not long after a M S has been appointed that he begins to be groomed for the role of Elder.

    So yes lowering the 'bar' is one way to invite more problems.

  • wannabefree
    I'm curious if the next time this CO comes through, will he change his tune based off of the tone of this article.

    The Service Commitee does not necessarily follow the guidelines set forth by the Writing Committee.

  • DanaBug

    If they're putting brothers, who haven't proved their loyalty yet, in responsible positions; they could have a big rebellion on their hands eventually. Maybe this is good news.

  • ziddina

    Give them time...

    And a further loss of membership - or failure to convert males within the necessary age group and with the necessary specifications...

    Eventually you may see them button-holing unbaptised male guests and bible studies to perform many of the Ministerial duties - especially the microphones!!!


  • flipper

    Yes indeed, it appears the WT society is getting desperate to appoint ANYBODY as a Ministerial Servant now. With all the younger crowd exiting the cult desperate times call for desperate measures. As regards the WT society not following the scriptures about appointing " newly converted men " - the WT society has NEVER followed the scriptures accurately anyway , they have ALWAYS made up their own rules and ways of operating and doing things. I had elders always giving me their OWN opinions as counsel, never from the Bible

  • straightshooter

    Based on earlier posts about the new Ministerial / Elders school, the WTS feels that there is a serious shortage of MS. Consequently the WTS is encouraging cong to re-look at brothers. This information is not new. There was a brother I know that became a MS after several years, then became an elder after 1 year being a MS. Of course this brother kissed up to all the right elders.

  • BluesBrother

    Most of the candidates for M.S in my recollection were young lads who had grown up in the faith, in later years anyway. However, I do recall it being said that we may not consider a man who had been baptized for less than a year..I guess we would have had convince the C/O that he was an outstanding candidate, for him to endorse the recommendation of someone so newly baptized. Normally, as sd-7 said they would be "tested " first as an assistant , after at least a year of good service.

    Notice what they wrote also "He CAN be recommended for appointment" , not that he might be, or could possibly be recommended, It sounded as though it should be automatic if you do the hours and keep your nose clean..

    As we said, they are getting desperate for men.

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    I was a 'young lad' when appointed, 2 years shy from 20 years old. And I had been baptized just slightly over a year. Also, I am not a born in.
    So this isn't really something new, although I don't ever recall seeing it highlighted like this or in a publication/magazine.
    But it definitely varies by both region and congregation.
    I must admit, it does sound desperate.


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