I Got Called By One of the Elders Yesterday (I think)

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  • OnTheWayOut

    Let me start by saying that the congregation I was in split into two congregations long ago. Let's just say I was in "North" and I know everyone from "South" but I have actually never ever set foot in "South's" Kingdom Hall.

    So my cell phone rings and displays a local call, but not a name. That means it's not a stored number. I answered.

    Me: "Hello"

    Them: "(Uses my first name) [OnThe], it's Alvin."

    Me: (Pausing to process who that might be.)

    Them: "[OnThe], are you there?"

    Me: "Yes." (still not knowing who that might be)

    Them: "Did Jonathon Doe call you?"

    (Jonathon Doe is the coordinator of the body of elders at 'South' Congregation, but I served with him at 'North.')

    Me: "No."

    Them: "Well, we are going to cancel the meeting tonight due to the weather."

    Me: (Still pausing to process who tAlvin might be, and why he finds it necessary to tell me this about a congregation I had never been to.)

    Them: "Is that something you agree with?"

    Me: "Sure."

    Them: "Are you okay? Did I just wake you up."

    Me: "No, I am awake."

    Them: "Well, make sure you pass that on."

    Me: "To anyone who asks."

    Them: "Okay, gotta call others. Bye."

    So after he hangs up, I figure that Alvin is one of the MS's from 'North' that almost certainly must be an elder at 'South' now. I knew him well and I further figured that he thought he was talking to one of the elders at 'South' that used to be in the bookstudy group that I conducted when he was an MS at 'North.' That elder has the same first name as me and his last name would put him extremely close to my last name in someone's personal phone book. So Alvin thought he was speaking to [OnThe] [WayUpInTheJWs] instead of [OnThe] [WayOut].

    I burst out laughing. I shared this with my wife when she got home. She wanted to know if I called Alvin back to let him know about his goof.
    "No. I didn't figure it out until afterward and I didn't misrepresent myself or lie. I left it alone."


    Hey OTWO..

    That`s funny..I laughed reading it..

    ................. ...OUTLAW

  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    Missed opportunity, OTWO. You could have said something like "Thanks for the heads up, Alvin, now I can get back to my college porn, erm, Watchtower Study!" or somesuch thing before hanging up.

  • Soldier77

    Coincidence or a fishing expedition? I don't believe in coincidences, but I'm paranoid that way. What's your take on it OTWO?

    Nonetheless, that was pretty funny.

  • undercover

    That is funny...

    So the elder body in the "South" is Alvin and the Chipmunks...

  • new light
    new light

    Maybe Alvin secretly misses you and this was no accident.

  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    Ah, perhaps you gents are right. No coincidence. The old Borg mind control trick, hrrmmm? Next thing OTWO knows, they'll be showing up at the front door with a meatloaf casserole and asking to come in.

  • OnTheWayOut
    What's your take on it OTWO?

    I cannot really convey the obvious legitimate tone to his voice. He really thought my pauses and drawn out one-word answers were from waking me up. I did not ever say enough to reveal enough of a voice and he may not have been in a quiet place where he could identify the different voices on a cell phone with such a short conversation.

    He will have figured it out by now, and he will look back at his call log (if he was using a phone with such a log, like a cellphone) and he will know that he spoke to ME and not the other guy.

  • VIII

    That is funny!! I laughed out loud.

  • freskalynn

    Very interesting. He may question others if they heard from Alvin then he may start wondering who he really was talking to. It was funny. We've been in large city where they had North & South Unites. He probably just made a mistake and it will hit him later & try & figure out who he was talking to.

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