How Would You Respond to this PM?

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  • AudeSapere

    Today I received the following pm from a fairly new poster (last 2 weeks and only 10 posts):


    Something in one of your posts tells me I might know you. I'm a newcomer to this site, so I don't know how to proceed. Perhaps you can give me a few more clues about yourself to see if I am right about who you are? No matter what I will not share it with anybody. I'm just curious and it might lead to a happy reunion of friends...

    In light of yesterday's outing of a family who was trying to fade, how would *you* respond to a pm like this? -Aude.

  • Lozhasleft

    I would be very careful especially if you are hoping to protect your identity.

    Loz x

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Ask them to provide info about themselves first. Only then you can decide to proceed.

  • laverite

    LOL! Tell me more about who you are so I can see if I know you. Yeah right!!! Sorry, mister, you tell me more about who YOU are.

  • AudeSapere

    I responded to the pm before creating this post. It just struck me as an odd message. And not even signed with initials or anything. No clue as to the person's identity or when or where we would have know each other. And no reference about which post of mine gave a hint of who I am.

    If it turns out the we *do* know each other - Cool! I love getting back in touch with old friends and have been hoping to find others from when I was *in*. I really hope this is the case and looking forward to hearing from the poster soon.

    Hopefully it's not just a phishing expedition.

    I posted the pm for three reasons. (1) To see if maybe other got the same inquiry, (2) to create a conversation and perhaps a little warning to others who may have received the same message, and (3) to encourage people sending future inquiries to take the first step and give a little identifying information about themselves before asking more of someone else.

    Still hoping it really *is* an old friend...


  • MrMonroe

    It's a PM that would ring alarm bells in my mind. Anyone asking an anon user to identify themselves would, as a matter of good faith, fully identify themself in their request.

    I was thinking today how much of a shame it is, and condemnation of the shitty religion we were in, that so many of us feel compelled to hide behind user names out of fear of the consequences. I have just contacted another JWN poster here who says he's from Melbourne, where I live. It's just crazy that we each tiptoe towards revealing ourselves.

    Someone made the simple point today on another thread: "What a horrible religion." Those four words are so powerful and I wish with all my heart that I'd heard them before I committed myself to them back in '85. It is just so twisted and perverted that a person can become part of a religion because of a sincere desire to learn more about the Bible (or simply be born into it) and then endure such pain to leave.

    Some months ago on one of the talk pages at Wikipedia, where I hang out a lot, a devout (and truly spellbound) Witness trotted out the hoary old line about it being easy to leave the religion. "Just go," he said, and that was a message I heard many years ago when I first started witnessing, chatting to an elder who was genuinely bewildered at why "apostates" were so opposed to the religion. "No one's forcing them to stay," he said. "They were free to join and they're free to leave. No one's forcing them to stay."

    He was a decent guy and I'm sure he truly believed it. I hope that over the years he has opened his eyes a bit and realised how false that statement is. Perhaps it's only those who want to leave who see how false it is and how paranoid and fearful it makes those who bridle against the control. But then again, his family is all in the "club" and maybe, just maybe, he feels as trapped as we know many other desperately unhappy Witnesses are.

    "What a horrible religion." That's a slogan.

  • mkr32208

    Ask them if they are hot, then give them my phone number!

    Who cares if you get outed? You clearly realize what a giant load of mott droppings the entire thing is so who cares. When the elders show up at your door tell them it will be a cold day in hell before you get called on the carpet by a bunch of janitors then give them a foot in the ass to help them on their way. Christ what are you all 10?

  • chickpea

    simple answer

    tell me who you are and i will confirm whether we have had prior association

  • St George of England
    St George of England


    G eorge

  • nugget

    My suggestion would be that rather than you reveal anything about yourself it may be better if the poster reveals more about themselves to you.

    As it is early days they may prefer to wait and see.

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