Statistics of Denmark

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  • Dondee


    Is there anyone who can be helpfull with the figures of Denmark in the annual report 2010. Plz all the figures


  • bohm

    Hello! I am from scandinavia myself (dont want to reveal the country in public), welcome to the board!

    do you have some of the old numbers? i have been trying to collect numbers for scandinavia for some time, but with little luck...

  • Gayle

    bohm, what "old" numbers? I could refer you to the last few years, this would be the 'whole' Service Report. I do not have 2010 yet.

  • bohm

    gayle -- thats actually it. i have been trying to find old "yearbooks" on the net, but with little luck . Perhaps i was looking the wrong place.

  • Gayle

    bohm,,you have a PM

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I don't have the figures but welcome Dondee.

  • Gayle

    Dondee, welcome,,there is a poster here "factfinder" that would have the statistics for 2010. He doesn't have the "scan" but could get the info per country. I did PM him to request him to help you but I don't know how frequently he checks for his PMs.

  • bohm

    thank you very much for the yearbooks, gayle!

  • moshe

    I wish we had only 5% unemployment here in the USA, like in Denmark. Welcome to the forum. Tell us some more about yourself.

  • factfinder

    Welcome Dondee! these are the figures for denmark from the 2011 YB:

    population-5,534,738 peak pubs-14,274 ratio one publisher to388

    ave pubs-14,085 % of increase over 2009=0% 2009 ave pubs=14,153

    baptized-183 ave aux pios-413 ave reg pios-741 congregations=203

    total hours=2,130, 190 ave bs=4,792 mem att=21,851

    to are some figures from the 2009 report ( by the way still has the 2009 report up- they are late in updating it)

    peak pubs=15,512 ration 1 to=386 ave pubs -14,153 increase = 0% 2008 ave pubs =14,114

    bapt=198 ave aps=443 ave reg pios=736 congs=203 total hrs=2,178,327

    ave bs=4,713 mem att=21,877

    so Denmark has several decreases. Norway ( where a-ha are from!) is the only Scandinavian country that had an increase: 1%.

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