Why are witnesses being "Persecuted" in certain countries?

by finallyfree! 23 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • blondie


    WTS says all human governments are controlled by Satan.

    WTS says all human governments will soon be totally destroyed by God.

    and WTS members go from door to door telling people that. and pray that "God's" kingdom come and destroy these governments.

  • finallyfree!

    hmmm...if i were a radical leftist political party, id almost say they are asking for it. theres a difference between serving god and doing what you percieve to be his will and stupidly putting your life on the line for the wts...my 2 cents

  • designs


    We sounded like Anarchists.

  • PSacramento

    Persecuted? really?

    Maybe its me but, when I think persecution I think of what happens to groups that are hunted down and killes, raped, decapitated and so forth.

    When I think religious persecution I think of a group being hunted down, their places of worshipped destroyed, people killed, things of that nature.

    Some how being told to NOT say bad things about other religions, to not defame other religions, to NOT go door-to-door and respect peoples privacy BUT be allowed to practice every other part of the religion, I just don't see THAT as persecution.

    Sorry, it just doesn't cut it.

    Persecution is Homosexuals being hunted down and killed, persecution is Christian missionaries being hunted down, raped, murdered and decapitated, persecution is The Holocaust.

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