Nation wide protest on the shunning policies of The Watchtower Organization!

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  • ekruks

    Our demands are as follows:

    1. The blood issue be dropped.

    I know there are scriptures to back it up, but at the end of the day, it's weird. The mention of health benefits is merely passive dissidence, for the real motive is this sacredness of life, and if life is sacred, why symbolise that by death?! Weird! It is actually to show one's loyalty to God, as in Abraham willing to kill Isaac for love of God - some sick God! It rather reminds me of child sacrifices to Molech, tha that the Watchtower so criticises, or the Inca sacrifices. The Governing Body has such power, viewed as the word of God, that people will do what it says - if it says jump, they jump; if it says die, they die - this must stop.

    2. The child abuse must be addressed.

    There needs to be some kind of reform, so as to protect youngsters better. There is the notion that prayer and Bible study can allow the holy spirit to change one. However, some conditions are serious mental problems, such as psychopathy, and such people can be two-sided, putting on a show of change. More must be done to protect from such conditions, especially in the case of any congregation responsibility. I appreciate people can still worship God, whatever they have done, but the police must be informed of these matters, because simply praying isn't enough - medical help is needed, and the abuser may need to be force by the police to accept that, and the police need to be allowed to monitor that person, and stop doing thing such as working as a teacher.

    3. Disfellowshipping / disassociation needs reform.

    I appreciate that if one doesn't follow the rules, they are not really part of an organisation. If one who doesn't follow the guidelines, or sinned, cannot be an elder, ministerial servant, pioneer, or even do ministry and comment at meetings, ok, so be it. It's fair enough to have qualifications for these assignments, but it's another thing to cut that person off. In fact, lots of love, rather than shunning, may help them to get spiritually better, so for a certainty the elders should be very friendly to such a person. I prefer how an inactive person is treated. They are, ok, not the best association, perhaps marked, but they are not disconnected from all they know, they can still talk to family, they can still go to meetings, but they may need to review some study material before doing ministry again, etc.. One should be able to grow up in this faith, and then decided it's not for them, without loosing their family, because they got baptised into what they didn't understand. Likewise, if one has been disfellowshipped, sure, they can't lead the congregation or preach unless they repent, and sure Witnesses in general won't be drawn to them as a friend due to difference in lifestyle. But are they any more dangerous than an inactive one - some degree of contact should be permitted with at least the family; though I appreciate the family don't want to be involved in such a different lifestyle, but then a youth who was never baptised could drift away, be as immoral, and family still be allowed to carefully associate in a limited way, whereby they didn't feel pressure to sin - this is a double-standard!

    4. Leaders need to be held more responsible.

    It may be said to trust on Jehovah when things go wrong, but all kinds of problems like child abuse occur and could be avoided if elders were held more responsible. Their qualifications should be frequently reviewed. They should be given more training, especially in psychology, because they cannot be counsellors to people on the basis alone of the wisdom of holy spirit via the scriptures. Often I have seen a lack of ability to organise things, as well as incredible politics, power-hunger, by men who would not have had such opportunity for a position of authority if they had been in the world. There can be this lovely role of authority, with very little work. In worldly organisations, there are tests, courses, etc., i.e. studying, to achieve position, and yes, some find other ways, but often it's hard work, and that puts off some bullies - ok, there are psychos everywhere, but at the least such reduces corruption. The newly-formed elders' school, could be a real school, more like the Ministerial Training School, but longer, and more importantly with an exam, because I have been to Kingdom Ministry School and there is no test to make sure you paid any attention and learnt anything, or didn't fall asleep. It amazes me how many elders are the voice in the scriptures, but don't know them well. Elders could be checked up on - i.e. publishers have to report return visits, and do a fair number to become an elder, so why don't elders have pressure to do a fair number of shepherding visits; an hour requirement for helping brothers which took priority over field service - some may fake it, but it would get rid of some elders who want the title and don't want to help people. Moreover, the Governing Body should stop being so secretive - we let them decided if we live and die (blood fractions or not, etc.), but we don't really know who they are, what they do, etc. - they must stop acting with the arrogance of the British monarchy, which was for centuries was a voice unquestion, for it was said to be appointed by God.

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