Nation wide protest on the shunning policies of The Watchtower Organization!

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  • koolaid-man

    On Jan 21 and 22, 2011 a nation wide protest is being organized to alert people on the discrimination that is blatantly taking place in The Watchtower Organization. The public needs to know about the disfellowshipping and subsequent shunning that is going on in The Jehovah's Witness cult. This flagrantly heinous,wicked practice must be stopped. They are currently protesting in Brazil and Italy ,so lets muster up the courage and stand on the front lines exposing the evils of the Watchtower Organization! "LET THE AMERICAN PUBLIC KNOW" If you would like to participate and feel the adrenalin rush of knowing you are making a difference, click the links for more information........

  • Finally-Free

    Why would I protest a policy that reduces the amount of BS I have to listen to?


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Protests aren't nearly as useful as billboards, IMO.

    Set up a national billboard plan and I'd be glad to donate as I can.

  • boyzone

    Protests, billboards, its all good if it gets the message across. Wish I was in the NY area. More power to anyone wanting to expose the henious shunning practice of JW's and the damage it causes!

  • Scott77

    Protests, billboards, its all good if it gets the message across. Wish I was in the NY area. More power to anyone wanting to expose the henious shunning practice of JW's and the damage it causes!


    I agree with boyzone , protest is an effective mass communication tool.It attracts powerful public attention in a way a billboard could not. Howver, when protesters combine protesting with billboards, they achieve mass target and high impact. In the age of digital technology, Rick is ultilizing an effective PR tool to maximum effect. Imagine, all the people who come across his messages will have a second thought the moment a JW approach them in the slavery services.


  • Fistandantilus

    i think ya lost ya damn mind but ahwell... i take the subtle inception route, cuz that mess dont work

  • coffee_black

    Not my style... I think this just makes jws think we are crazy.

    Just my 2


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    In more than 40 decades of life I can't think of a single protest that had any impact on me or my opinion at all. Once a protest is over, it's done with and forgotten.

    Often, a protest brings more attention to protesters than to the issues.

    A billboard, or better, a series of billboards can educate and remain in the public consciousness for months and months. Want an illustration of the type of impact seeing a billboard on a regular basis can have? Check this out:

    Images have impact.

  • John_Mann

    Sign translation:

    A discriminação continua / O Tribunal de Justiça do Ceará extingue ação contra Testemunhas de Jeová / O Ministério Publico não pode ficar calado! / Abaixo a intolerância religiosa

    The discrimination goes on / The Justice Court of Ceará (a north state of Brazil) extinguishes a lawsuit against JW’s / The Public Ministry cannot be silent! / Down to religious intolerance


    Desassociados e dissociados/ Não aceitem a discriminação/ Denunciem/ Juntem-se a nós

    Disfellowshipped & disassociated/ Don’t accept the discrimination / Denounce / Join to us


    Inédito/ Testemunhas de Jeová responderão na Justiça por crime e discriminação religiosa

    Breaking news / JW’s will answer in Justice for crime and religious discrimination


  • Scott77

    @Mad Sweeney and coffee_black , It can be argued for and against the merits of using billboard versus protest. The later is more effective only if its seen on a 'regular basis' however, the former is does better for a time. Personally, I prefer a duo approach in which both are applied to maximum effect. Think of Pink Code in the US Congress and the Senate. coffee_black , I will defer to your feelings in this regard in as much as everyone is different. How did the end of US war in Vitienam come to an end? Was not the many student protest the significant factor ?


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