I'm going to end my "bible" study

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  • clarity

    Kristi, hello & welcome,

    Started my 'bible studying' with the ladies, at a young age. Being very naive and an awfully nice person, I found myself in your predicament.

    Saying no, after the study one day, didn't get me anywhere. Calling them on the telephone ... didn't work either.

    I sit here writing this to you now, and more than 40 yrs has gone by!

    Mostly wasted on delusion, guilted by twisted scripture and outright lies. Held captive by brain washed ideas, fear of being destroyed and the losing of family and friends. But, most of all, grief for what my children lost by all this.

    So much advice here for you today, let me add mine.

    1. Write a kind letter, say what you want to say.

    2. Place letter inside study book.

    3. Wait until study day.

    4. Put this, with all the other literature on the front steps.

    5. Go out or don't answer the door or phone.

    This will work, it will be seen as just a part of their persecution! lol

    Good luck.



    "I`m going to end my Bible Study".....KristyKay

    You can`t end something you never had..JW`s don`t Study the Bible,they Never have..

    JW`s Study WBT$ Literature about the Bible..

    I think You want to End your Watchtower Indoctrination Sessions..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • LostGeneration

    Print this off and have it ready before the next study. Tell her you find it impossible to follow a religious organization that is so confused about what a "generation" means.


    There is no better christian organization on planet earth like Jehovah's Witnesses .Go to my google group alt.religion.jehovahs-witn to learn that .

    Read my posts . You don't have to study the Wachtower magazines right now at this moment.

    If you are not with Jehovah's Witnesses you cannot be a member of any other local congregation .

    Harold Camping who studied the Bible for more than 50 years and has his Open Forum program running for decades where people can call and ask him questions about the Bible will tell you almost the same .

    http://www.familyradio.com go there and from internet listen to his Open Forun programs for hours .

    He will spice you up into thinking about what time we are living now. It is not a time to quit a bible study for those who are beginners or are in false christian religions. I used to be a catholic , a very pious person and longb time ago I abandoned my catholic religion of myself by studying the Bible . I used to fight with Jehovah's Witnesses defending my catholic religion which later turned out in my sight as the most twisted form of christian religion one can imagine.

    Right now you may have a chance to quit your religion this day by reading some posts only .Don't delay and don't let those who don't know the Bible distract you .This is the time when Satan under the cover of religion or many intelligent people tries to sway away people's attention from coming Armageddon and most people will pay a heavy price by losing their lives for ever in a few months if the prediction comes true and it looks like it has a chance of 84 % becoming true.

    I am giving 3 % to Harold Camping's May 21 ,2011 which already should send shock waves to the world : watch out !

    October 21 ,2011 AD has a 10% chance and the year 2034 AD a 3% chance.

    Study my posts how I came up with September 29,2011 and how Harold Camping teaches about May 21 ,2011 AD. Tune to Open Forum daily . I don't agree with many things Harold Camping teaches like his May 21,2011 AD and yet I am learning many good things from him ; he being my best opponent .

    There are two dates set forth now : May 21,2011 and September 29 ,2011 and now make it your utmost business to learn how these two dates were arrived at .

    You talk to Jehovah's Witnesses tell them about that . Tell them there is one guy who is not from their organizaion ; he is on his own as an indepenent christian ( Luke 9.49-50 ) who supports them in his endtme prophecies by giving them my website:

    http://www.focusonthebible2011.com .

    And also please tell them they should go to http://www.familyradio.com to strengthen their views as they can see Camping's mistakes and compare to what the Watchtower is teaching . Listening to Open Forum will be a good test for them , a good check up of the views they are holding.Harold Camping rejects all local church congregations. So, you have one clear choice now : quit your catholic religion instantly .

    You cannot belong to any main stream church .It is absolutely true to what the Bible teaches.

  • Heaven

    There is no better christian organization on planet earth like Jehovah's Witnesses

    ... to totally mess your life up! Get out while you can and start designing, creating, and living YOUR life. If you let anyone else do this for you, you will NEVER be happy.

    Hey OBVES, is this like all your previous predictions that haven't panned out? Sucks when your track record is a big fat zero and it's all over the Internet to boot.

  • chickpea

    mate, thank her for opening your eyes
    to other "interpretations" of the bible
    and send her away...

    you will be old news before you know it...
    yeah she will be disappointed that she
    had a very lively prospect on the line but
    couldnt land quite get the k00l-aid up to
    your mouth... and then you are just another
    story they will tell when they need to feel
    like they really do have some sort of special
    prominence in the turning of the world....

    go enjoy having an engaged brain!!

  • james_woods

    Ummm - I think she is already GONE, OBVES.

    But thanks for the insanity break and those vital two dates.

  • KristiKay

    Thank you all so much for your replies! I'm going to re-read and think about what everyone has had to say. She is comming over on Tuesday, so I have a few days. I'll let you know how it goes. OBEVS, hmmmm.... I really don't know what to say :)

  • LongHairGal


    They will not respect your saying "No", especially if you are young. While everybody's answers here are good, I would go with the advice Clarity gave for the simple reason that it does not require you to be confrontational. Unless you are the confrontational type and have no problem telling somebody in person that NO means NO, it is better to do it this way.

    Besides, in a letter you have control because your thoughts are set down - whereas in a conversation somebody won't let you get a word in edgewise and you won't say all you mean to say. You even mentioned that you didn't have the heart to tell her how you feel because you don't want to hurt her feelings.

    Don't worry about a JWs feelings. If you make the mistake of letting them into your house AGAIN they will try to wear you down or kill you with kindness and she may try to interrogate YOU as to why you feel the way you do and where did you hear it, etc. You do not owe anybody an explanation. They may even offer to take you out to eat. I have seen niceness turn into pushiness. Nowadays because they are losing so many people, a JW with a study feels like it is 'gold' and they will not want to lose it.

  • JimmyPage

    Kristi, just curious what it was about the CO's wife that really turned you off. Glad to see you doing your research... hope more will!

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