2011 district convention

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  • obarac

    2011 district convention theme is about God's Kingdom. Let's God's kingdom come or something like that.

    It's logic because in previous conventions we had theme about Jesus, holy spirit and now about kingdom.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Are Conventions a profitable venue for the Society or do they cost them money?

    I cannot think of any expenses to host a convention beyond the rent & utilities for the facility. And in this economy, many city/county owned convention facilities may be negotiating the rental fee to bring hotel business to the community. If any certain convention center does not cooperate, they just hold an extra convention nearby and ask the R&F to drive a little further.

  • cantleave

    They make tons of money from conventions.

  • AnonJW


    1 In this spiritually scorched land that is Satan’s
    world, Jehovah continues to refresh
    his servants. (Isa. 58:11) One provision Jehovah
    uses to invigorate us is the annual
    district convention. As the convention for
    this year approaches, how may we prepare
    to receive and impart spiritual refreshment?
    —Prov. 21:5.
    2 If you have not already
    done so, take time now to arrange
    your personal and secular
    work schedules to be
    present for all three days of
    the convention. Have you
    calculated the time that you
    will need to travel to the convention
    site each day so that you can
    arrive and locate seating well before the
    programme begins? We would certainly
    not want to miss any of the invigorating
    spiritual meal that Jehovah has prepared
    for us! (Isa. 65:13, 14) Have your arrangements
    for accommodation and transport
    been completed?
    3 What will help you to keep your mind
    from wandering during the sessions? If possible,
    get plenty of rest each night during the
    convention. Focus your eyes on the speaker.
    Look up every scripture in your Bible. Take
    brief notes. Families do well to sit together
    so that parents can help their children to
    pay close attention. (Prov. 29:
    15) Perhaps you can discuss
    highlights of the programme
    each evening as a family. So
    that your family can continue
    to be refreshed even after
    the convention, time could
    be allotted during your Family
    Worship evening to consider
    specific points for your family to apply.
    4 Help Others Gain Refreshment: We
    want others to receive spiritual refreshment
    too. Are there elderly publishers or others in
    the congregation who need assistance in order
    to attend the convention? Are you in a
    position to help them? (1 John 3:17, 18) Elders,
    especially group overseers, should see
    that such publishers receive the needed assistance.
    5 As in the past, three weeks before the start
    of our convention, we will share in a campaign
    to invite others to attend. Congregations
    should set a goal to distribute their allotment
    of invitations and cover as much of
    their territory as possible. Invitations that
    your family has left over at the end of the
    campaign should be brought to the convention
    for you to use when witnessing informally.
    Further information on this will be
    provided during the programme on Friday.
    Invitations that your family does not expect
    to use while in the convention city should be
    given to an attendant when you enter the facility.
    Please keep one copy for yourself, as
    you will need to refer to it during the last talk
    on Sunday.
    6 Good Manners Refresh: At a time when
    many people are “lovers of themselves” and
    show a lack of regard for the feelings of others,
    how refreshing it is to be around fellow
    Christians who endeavour to display good
    manners! (2 Tim. 3:2) We show good manners
    by entering the building in a calm and
    orderly way when it opens at 8:00 a.m. and
    by saving seats only for those travelling in
    our vehicle or living with us, as well as those
    with whom we are currently conducting a Bible
    study.We follow the chairman’s direction
    when he requests that we go to our seats to
    listen to the musical interlude introducing
    each session. It shows good manners to set
    our mobile phone or pager so as not to distract
    others during the programme. We also
    display goodmanners by not talking, texting,
    eating, or roaming the corridors needlessly
    during the programme.
    7 Refreshing Association: Conventions
    give us extended opportunities to enjoy our
    refreshing Christian unity and
    brotherhood. (Ps. 133:1-3) Why
    not take the initiative to “widen
    out” and meet brothers and
    sisters who are present from
    other congregations? (2 Cor. 6:
    13) You might make it a goal
    to get to know at least one
    new person or new family each
    day. Themidday break affords a
    good opportunity to do this. So bring a light
    lunch and enjoy eating and associating with
    others on the premises rather than leaving to
    purchase food or to eat in a nearby restaurant.
    Thismay lead to the blessing of new and
    lasting friendships.
    8 How refreshing it is to work alongside fellow
    worshippers in sacred service! Could you
    volunteer to assist a department or help your
    congregation with its cleaning assignment?
    (Ps. 110:3) If you do not already have a work
    assignment, please consider approaching the
    Volunteer Service Department at the convention.
    Many hands make the work joyful and
    9 Our Conduct Is Refreshing
    to Observers: We are convention
    delegates during all
    three days of the convention,
    not just during the programme.
    Those who observe us while
    we are in the convention city
    should be able to see a refreshing
    contrast between us
    and non-Witnesses. (1 Pet. 2:
    12) Our dress and grooming at the convention
    site, at our accommodation, and at restaurants
    should honour Jehovah. (1 Tim. 2:
    9, 10) If we wear our lapel badges, onlookers
    will be able to identify us as Jehovah’s Witnesses.
    This may provide us with an opportunity
    to tell them about our convention and
    give a further witness.
    10 How may we cooperate with hotel and
    restaurant workers? We should not reserve
    more hotel rooms than we will actually use,
    as this prevents other delegates from obtaining
    rooms and makes it very difficult for the
    hotel to replace the lost business.
    If the hotel is busy at the
    time that we check in or check
    out, we should demonstrate patience
    and graciousness. (Col.
    4:6) We should give the customary
    tip to servers at restaurants
    and to hotel workers who
    carry our bags, clean our room,
    and provide other services.
    11 What impression does our good conduct
    during the convention make on others? According
    to a newspaper article, the manager
    of one facility used for conventions said this:
    “The people are very polite. We’re excited
    to have them every year.” Last year a non-
    Witness lost his wallet at a hotel used by convention
    delegates. When the wallet was returned
    to the hotel manager with all its
    contents intact, the manager told the owner:
    “It was a good thing for you that Jehovah’s
    Witnesses were attending their convention
    nearby, and the hotel was full of them. Otherwise
    you would probably not
    have had the wallet returned.”
    12 This year’s conventions are
    fast approaching. Much time
    and effort have gone into making
    the programme and the
    convention environment refreshing.
    Make it your aim to be
    present all three days, and be prepared for
    what Jehovah and his organization have in
    store for you. Be resolved to refresh others
    through your good manners, joyful association,
    and fine conduct. Then you and others
    may feel as did one of last year’s delegates
    who wrote, “I cannot recall a more satisfying

  • daveysmithy30

    There is even not a review of the program highlights of the DC in the June 2011 Awake on page 32 as it's an ad for the Bible Teach book. Looks like they don't want anybody to know in advance what's happening! What a sudden contrast in the past!

    Anybody can shed light on the new releases or the program nearer the time?

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Ah, the annual "don't misbehave at the District Convention" article; as a sign of Spring as the chirping of robins and the daffodils coming up!

  • the-illuminator81

    It should be: Cult Recovery

  • snakeface

    The time is near at hand.

    We just don't know where the hand is.

  • punkofnice
  • paladin

    My wife told me she wants to attend 2 conventions this year. Happy holidays.

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