Is this Loaded Language in the 2011 Calendar?

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  • maninthemiddle

    I think it could be fair to say, that if Paul spoke for Jesus, then "revealed Truth" could be a valid description since the scriptures say he visited them several times, but I think the Loaded Language comes in when you try to apply this to modern times, (WTS a modern Paul?)

    I see this as trying to mold the first century to fit the current WTS/JWs. What do you think?

    a first century mold.

  • bottleofwater

    Totally agreed. And I bet most JWs will go OMG what a lovely God given calendar!

  • journey-on

    Yep. I believe it is loaded language. I smell something new brewing in the air in WatchTower Land.

    They have to keep people believing we are living in the Last Days. Just putting fear of Armageddon into the flock is not cutting it anymore. Oldtimers have been living in fear for decades now, and they are growing less and less so. It has lost its hold on them. Time for something NEW!

    The word Apocalyse actually means "a revelation" or a "revealing". I can see the WTS planting seeds that the FDS/GB are revealing new things in these Last Days and a careful reading and examination of the literature (new scrolls?) is required to grasp and understand these morsels of new spiritual food.

    Hope I haven't given them any ideas!!!

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    The loaded phrase "revealed truth" has many implications.

    1. It isn't revealed directly to YOU, it is revealed THROUGH a channel

    2. Like the examples in the picture, YOU must "keep abreast" of this revealed truth by reading the propaganda of the channal and attending their indoctrination sessions

    3. The channel has the same direct line to God that the apostles had, YOU WILL RESPECT THEIR AUTHORITY

  • maninthemiddle
    3. The channel has the same direct line to God that the apostles had, YOU WILL RESPECT THEIR AUTHORITY

    This I think is the most damning of all. I still see so much of them trying to put them selves in the place of Paul, or projecting them on the first century christians, example:

    1st century door to door

  • blondie

    Is that in the 2011 Calendar?

  • cofty

    That door-to-door cartoon is hilarious - or would be if it wasn't so creepy

  • DanaBug

    Is that pic from a WTBTS publication??

  • paladin

    The paper rolls pic is not in the 2011 calendar.

  • alanv

    They really are very crafty. They have the 'brothers' going in twos (just like most of them do now) and they have bags with scrolls in, which will immediately get the JW to think 'yes we do that but with the bible and magazines.'

    They are desperate to try and show how alike they are with the early christians.

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