Please explain the deal with Smurfs

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  • not bitter
    not bitter

    I keep reading comments about Smurfs but I don't understand. Please can someone explain.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Watch this and you will understand:

    It's a witness urban legend that this happened. I think the eye part is an embellishment. The answer to your smurf question is at the 5:00 mark.

  • zoiks

    JW urban legends of the '80s often involved Smurfs being demonic. Hilarity ensued.

  • maninthemiddle

    I think this was in the early '80s, Rumors were spread that a Smuf did what is depicted in this video. (execpt the eyes)

    My wifs family was smart enought to not belive it, but my family did, and fruthered the story. I was young enough to be terrifed by it for several years.

  • Joliette

    LOL @ the Cartoon.

  • not bitter
    not bitter

    I was around during the 80's but don't remember anything about Smurfs other than watching them on TV.

    My four year old just watched the video with me and laughed her head off at the singing. She made me play it twice. Oh the memories. I can't stop laughing.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Near the top of the page is a button "Search". Click on that and type in "smurf" in the subject box and you'll find heaps of threads on the subject.

  • FlyingHighNow

    If you had brought home a smurf doll, you'd have heard the rumor. I had a friend who was pressured to get rid of the smurf themed nursery she had for her son. I asked her why. She told me about the legend. I told her I thought it was a crazy rumor.

  • DagothUr

    What? A smurf became alive, pissed on a Bible and left the congregation? Was he DF afterwards?

  • LotusFlower1

    When I was 8 or 9, I heard the story of a girl who owned a Smurf. Once they learned of the demonic qualities, they threw it in a fire in the back yard but the Smurf wouldn't burn.

    I also heard that a family (close by of course, lol ) had Smurf wallpaper. One night, while the child was sleeping, the Smurfs became alive and jumped off the wallpaper. They started whispering in a Satanic voice "Kill yourself...nobody wants you here!" The child was trained well because she started screaming Jehovah's name. "NO! NOooOOOOoooo!"- the Smurfs yelled. The little girl kept screaming for Jehovah, and it made the Smurfs go back into the wallpaper. Needless to say, they changed the wallpaper immediately after that.

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