Favorite quote from 2011 School for Ministerial Servants

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  • mamalove

    So facebook lets people protect their own business and dignity from prying eyes of imperfect men who are not holy spirit inspired to patrol us all? Give me more.

  • geevee

    These "experiences" are always changed a bit so as to have greater impact... seen it plenty of times at rehersals for circuit and district assemblies. The c/o and d/o want it to sound over the top so they suggest "enhancements" not lying, but stretching it a bit...

  • wannabefree
    they suggest "enhancements" not lying, but stretching it a bit

    No way, I just can't believe this, surely the following reference (w09 6/15 3:5) will set you straight on this matter.

    *** w09 6/15 p. 16 par. 5 Speak Truth With Your Neighbor ***
    True Christians do not twist or misrepresent the facts so as to mislead others.

  • dontplaceliterature

    Sure they do.

    I had an experience on a Circuit Assembly about a girl from school that started a study with me (which I later turned over to a sister), and I was encouraged to bend the truth about the circumstances surrounding our friendship and our study arrangement. She quit the study as soon as I moved it to a sister, and I had to keep my mouth shut about that part. Everyone in the audience was lead to believe that she was still making progress....

    I hate experiences at the assembly. They are usually fully of trash and exaggerations.

  • nugget

    so there was a huge party with drink and drugs. If I invited a dozen people to a party and hundreds turned up I wouldn't have enough alcohol to make everyone drunk. I've heard the same experience but I always take these with a pinch of salt. Either it was the proverbial p*** up in a brewery or the society has been engaged in creative writing again.

  • skeeter1

    Pontoon - same with my elderly father. He's been a Witness for decades and is NOW FINALLY a MS. There were reasons why... Now, he is in hog heaven to be given this position of authority and respect. I think the rule abut not being able to tape record elder's school is bothering him (he mentioned it to me ...the loadest goat in the family), it's not enough to ring any bells in his mind even though I directly challenged him.

    Greed....there is money greed and power greed. I suspect my elderly father, newly appointed MS has power greed. He is so happy to have his position, he will allow the WTS to walk all over him. As I said in another post, the tape recording rule is about the Watch Tower protecting its legal interest and hanging the "independent agent" elders out to dry and be sued as individuals.

    Facebook meetups? Really? I've seen the JWs post on Facebook. "Oh, I'm going to the convention tomorrw, can't wait for my spiritual food." "Baking cookies for the traveling overseer."

    Before Facebook, were the JW teenagers any tamer? Not in my congregation. Back in the 80s, we bought tickets to the Dolphins games. The older boys brought cooler fulls of beer that were drunk while we were driving along Interstate 95 at 100 mph. I once drove in a car with an overweight "pioneer" with red hair. He usually bought all the beer. He was drunker then a skunk, and kept a handgun in his glovebox. When a driver was moving slow, he'd brandish it out the window. I was so scared for my life, but I didn't tell the elders. One was his pop. At the game, the "JW boys" drank and bought the "JW girls" alot more drinks. By the time the Orange Bowl stopped selling drinks, we were totally, 100% toasted. The JW pioneer girls were going to hotels with JW pioneer boys, instead of in field service. And , the one young brother who made it being an MS in early adulthood admitted that he had his way with alot of the females (both married and unmarried) in his congregation. As he said, "I sowed my wild oats." As for the red headed boy, I heard that he became a paraplegic after a terrible car wreck in his new car.

    So, Facebook doesn't cause sin or drunkedness or orgies . . . people do.


  • truhap

    I bet you the elders were pissed when Alex Bell invented the telephone! kids are actually talking to each other? Truely the downfall of all that is moral and good.

  • dontplaceliterature

    As I said Skeeter, I don't think the concern over Facebook was that it was used to start a wicked crazy party...the real issue was that it was used to undermine the elders faster than they could yank everyone into the library (aka bad-room).

  • dontplaceliterature

    @truhap, the telephone was invented before "elders" exisited. :)

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    All the Wannabe Elders put two hands up and cheered!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

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