The Doors - Your Favorite Songs By Them ? YOU-tubes Welcome !

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  • badcompany

    What blows me away is the difference in technology between then and now and the quality of music. Back in the sixties acts could flounder in obscurity for years with no commercial success (Bob Seger is a good example). You had to be picked up a major label (which robbed most of the greats blind). Today you can set up a studio in your house, market yourself, self-publish and sell your product for under a thousand. You would think the airwaves would be brimming with great songs. I've got XM and Sirius and spend most of the time listening to oldies. Back in the sixties I didn't listen to music from the twenties and neither did my parents or anyone else I knew. Just my 2 cents.

    Long live, Morrison.

  • JRK
  • flipper

    JK- Yes, indeed Peace Frog definitely rocks ! Always have loved that song. Thanks for posting it ! Morrison and the Doors rocked in general for sure ! One of my top 5 all time favorite groups ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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  • minimus

    Love Me 2 Times....great guitar!

    I think the Doors were overlooked. They were a great rock band. And Jim Morrison's voice is hauntingly beautiful!

  • flipper
  • minimus

    love those keyboards!

  • ablebodiedman

    Occasionally I see a youtube video of a complete unknown playing some really interesting tunes.

    Or a really great cover of an old tune.

    Maybe should start a thread just to see what other kind of music is out there.

  • Farkel


    I'll bet I'm the only one who has posted who actually SAW the Doors play at the Whiskey A Go Go on Sunset Boulevard in 1971. I think Jim Morrison died the next year in Paris.

    The "Whiskey" was still there when I last saw it around 1994. It's a rather small black and purple building but it was legendary in the late 1960's and early 1970's for hosting avant garde rock groups.

    It held less than 100 people and when I saw the Doors, Morrison was totally fucked up. He was obviously high on drugs. He ripped off his shirt, slurred his words and was obnoxious. The Doors were no big deal back then. There were so many great groups that I didn't get the gist of the history I was watching as I watched them perform.


  • Violia

    The doors are one of the hottest groups ever. I really like that one " love me two times"

    Farkel, Janis Joplin was a lot like you describe- not all that appreciated during her short time here. She often performed stoned.

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