Danger JWs, your KH is falling apart in front of your eyes!

by moshe 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • moshe

    Welcome Cutaway-

    Joe, as the jobs go, so do the JWs who depend heavily on the manual trades for a living- no jobs? Then they have to move away to the big city. The JWs really deny what is happening- when was the last time the KH heard a baby cry?

  • joeblow

    There are still jobs in the area I grew up in.... particularly manual trades. it's the high tech jobs that are completely missing in the area. Since it's a rural area, you have farming, and the labor industries that surround that... local shops, petrol stations, cattle auction houses, natural resource mining... it's a fairly active area. The funny thing is, with all the activity in teh area... the mining, the farming, the supporting businesses, the majority of the Witnesses there supported themselves as... janitors.

    The denial is clear though, and that really hit home when I visited that cong in the city my family lives in.

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