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  • james_woods
    Rutherfood sounds like a very hard man but Russell intrigues me and I should do some more research on his works, even though he had his dates all wrong he comes across as being sincere in his efforts.

    You have to read the transcript of the Russell divorce to fully understand how "sincere in his efforts" he was. It is true Rutherford looks worse because of being a boozing, womanizing, greedy tyrant - but Russell was a delusionary nut case who was not above plaigerism and backstabbing to maintain his ultimate power and control. He was the one who irrevocably started the long series of false prophecy and failed date predictions.

    There was really nothing positive or ethical about either one of them.

    Also, welcome to ex-special pioneer!

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Are those Russell divorce proceeding transcripts online, James Woods?

  • Soldier77

    thanks for posting the encouragment ex-SP!

  • ldrnomo

    Welcome to the board ex.

    I'm sure all of your experiences will be of great value to those on this forum.

  • james_woods

    I have seen it here on JWN in the past, Mad Sweeney - but don't have a link to these threads.

    They outline highly suspect behavior with a girl living with the Russells back in the day.

    Other material which has been posted here reveals several power struggles between Russell and other contributors to the early Watchtower - including Russell's wife.

    It leaves you with the distinct impression that Russell was basically a self-centered egomaniac with homegrown religious pretensions.

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  • EmptyInside

    Hi ex-Special Pioneer,and Happy New Year.

    I am on my way out of the Watchtower, been fading a year,and I do less and less as a Witness. And don't consider myself one anymore. I'm still doing all the research. I enjoy reading of those who were really involved in it and how you came to realize it was all a lie.

    Ray Franz,"Crises of Conscience" really helped me see the truth about the truth,too.

  • ex-Special Pioneer
    ex-Special Pioneer

    Hi mamalove yes we have managed to help a nice number out of the borg. From time to time I have calls of individuals who would like to know the other side of the JWs. I have participated in several conferences around Europe in the past and TV programs. To be honest this has not been an easy topic for me to discuss. I was brought up as a JWs and have wasted the best years of my life in this org believing that this is the "truth". This is something that I can not forgive this man made organisation. I still carry the scar after 16 years out. Today I appreciate freedom and could understand why they are so against higher education. They would like to keep everyone under control without questioning. That's what I have learned through the years reading several letters by the writing department. Everytime someone questions he is told to stop asking but just wait.

    I have seen many JWs who are illiterate attending the meetings without even knowing who are the governing body or how does the organization work. Individuals like this will remain "members" as they dont know how to question or research.

  • ex-Special Pioneer
    ex-Special Pioneer

    HiEmptyinside - Its nice to hear that you are on your way out. Its not easy especially if you have family members. I was priviledged that all my family disassocited themselves along with other members. You sholuld make a decision "to be or not to be that is the question?" When I decided to leave I had to start from scratch. I was a special pioneer along with my supporting wife without a proper job. I had to find a job later went to university. Had to go over the question what to belief. I had to research many subject including religion. I have read many books on this subject read about other cults, mind control techniques that are used. But the important I did not leave anyone decide anymore for me. This is a personal journey that YOU have to take. The important is that you belief in yourself and never give up. The longer you stay the longer it would take to heal. You should be respected for who you are and not for what you belief. If someone wants to shun you let it be including family members. Dont let anyone steal your FREEDOM.

  • BluesBrother

    Welcome Ex Special Pioneer......I can relate so much to what you say, especially the disappointment at discovering later in life that what you have built your life around was no more than shadows and dust....I think that being an elder exposed me to the inner workings of a congregation and,to some extent, The Society,- and broke the myth that all is sweetness and light, that I believed in as a kid.

    You quote Hamlet in your post....How about the lines:

    "This above all : to thine own self be true

    And it must follow, as the night the day,

    Thou canst not then be false to any man"

    I remember recalling those words when I did not want to face the unpleasant truth about "The Truth".....but to continue knowingly in that course would have been false to myself and everyone that I dealt with..

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