WTBTS Elder & Ministerial Servant Problems

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  • Hairyhegoat

    This great news and I hope the shitholes in crooklyn have to put there own nappies on soon as the horse has bolted and the shit has hit the fan!!

    You ever seen a pack of cards go down ? Well this is soon to happen to the WTBTS!!!


  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Spent my 30's as a JW elder and finally had the sense to leave @ 39. This org eats it own and will collaspe from within.

    Think About It

  • moshe

    Well, when the WT org runs out of Elders and MS to keep the sheep in the KH, then can just hire Whiplash the monkey and his trusty steed, OutLaw, to do the job for them.

    Come on OutLaw, we have to keep them JWs away from that Internet, smoking, beer and too much KFC!


  • clarity

    My 'observations' .... many longtime elders are finished, with the ever increasing Alzhiemers brain disorders!!

    What few younger ones there are, - the 40-60 year olds are feeling 'squeezed' from the pressure and the added load of responsibilities.

    Can't see any of the 20-30yr olds getting in line for these jobs privledges!


  • Hairyhegoat

    My old congrgation has no kids or anyone who wants to reach out, MS are few and they are all nerds!! They have just had a rebuild but no more have come to the meetings, it has just cost 66k to do all of this piontless work on a hall that was ok for years more service!!! 3% interest x 25 years is money spinner for the WTBTS of around 50k . ASHOLES


  • yknot

    well think about the laundry list of what questions to consider if a man is qualified to be an elder......

    They are fishing for the company-line guys..... those not of this betamale species will quickly end up on this forum.

    I hate this 'clampdown' but I see it having a lot of interesting nuances that will either deplete the numbers or change drastically the dynamic of younger believers.(born after 1964).... i suppose they are hoping to emerge into a Mormon-esque social club post 2014.... would be interesting in if they suggested the food storage thing.... most LDS do the year thing but a few still do 7 years...


    OutLaw, to do the job for them......Moshe

    Moshe I couldn`t imagine running that circus..LOL!!..

    Actual One Liners from Bethel..

    "Theres the Right way,the Wrong way and the Bethel Way"..

    "If theres a Harder way to do something..We`ll find it!"..

    "50% of the Bethel Staff..Is here to test the other 50%"..

    "If you find a better way to do something..We don`t want to hear about it"..

    How the F*ck do they get anything done?..

    The WBT$ is Run by Idiots!..


    .................... ...OUTLAW


    Where is Holy Spirit in all this? That is where all appointments come from, right? Hmmm. Maybe it's on a break.

  • Listener

    Thanks for the figures Gayle. Do you happen to know how many JWs on average there are in a congregation? Seven is an awful lot and maybe they can do with less as they did years ago.

  • Gayle

    @ Listener,,someone on the forum here (I haven't seen the actual scan yet) stated that on the 2010 Report for the U.S. was 1,115,786 average pubs. On the 2009, the Report showed 12,800 congs.(probably more now) in U.S. (1115786 divided by 12800 = 87 pubs. average cong.

    Yes, I agree, seven elders is a lot. Some congs. would have more, some less. So many are getting quite elderly and are slowing down too.

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