WTBTS Elder & Ministerial Servant Problems

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  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I attended a recent Ministerial Servant K M School on the east coast and the main school instructor mentioned among other things (Part entitled: 'Objective of the KM School Course') that the total number of ministerial servants is seriously less than it should be. In times past the ratio of M Ss to Elders was much more than it is today.

    In the U.S. apparently the total number of Elders is 88,500+ as opposed to M Ss 65,000. The numbers show & numbers don't lie: The Society is running out of Spiritual Men. The instructor stated that this is a new downward trend that has (in so many words) the Society worried.

    The next speaker (Part entitled: 'Why We Must Be Spiritual Men') added that in his years as a traveling servant the pool of M Ss has always been much, much larger than it is today. Meaning they've always had a reservoir of M Ss to groom for the role of elder.

    My guess is that the current 65,000 M Ss (while they are good and decent men) for the most part may not necessarily be elder material or may not be wanting to reach out themselves for that responsiblity for whatever reason.

    My questions are:

    1. Does anyone on the forum have any statistics of past Elder & M S numbers that shows when this downward trend started?

    2. What are your thoughts on the reasons for this downward trend?

    Your comments appreciated.


    Press the WBT$ on the Actions of WBT$/JW Elders and they will tell you..

    "Those Elders are Independant Agents"..

    If there is a Legal Problem due to WBT$ Rules..Those Elders are on their Own..

    Momma Watchtower won`t lift a finger to help them..

    Who wants to enforce WBT$ Rules,with no Legal backing from the WBT$?..

    Volunteers for WBT$ Suicide Jobs are going to go way down..

    "Future WBT$/JW Elder"..


    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • Soldier77

    This is very enlightening. Why can't more of you elders and ministerial servants that attended share with us nice tidbits of information like this?!

    This is as we thought though, we all knew that the numbers weren't adding up and that the pool of 'spiritual men' is drying up, but to actually get some factual information or at least firsthand hearsay, this is great news.

    This will force the WTS to drastic changes if this continues. Drastic times lead to drastic measures. One can only hope the drastic measures is enough to piss more off and leave!

    Thank you for sharing your insights JW GoneBad.

  • pirata

    JW GoneBad, you have a PM.

  • chickpea

    here's to the hurrying much of the downward spiral!

  • Gayle

    wow,,with those numbers, elders average about 7 per cong. M.S, average 5 per cong (this is considering according to 2009 Service Report showing 12,800 congs in U.S., probably more now but not knowing yet for 2010 Report).

    A poster a few weeks ago, stated at an elder school meeting, he stated about 80% elders were over 50 yrs old and 50% were over 60. So that group is aging. M. S. are usually of the younger ones but the youth are leaving in droves according to reports. You bet the Society would be worried.

  • yourmomma

    this problem has no chance of getting better if they are going to delete people for stupid shit like your child being enrolled in college.

  • TD
    this problem has no chance of getting better if they are going to delete people for stupid shit like your child being enrolled in college.

    --Well said!

  • leavingwt

    High-speed Internet on cell phones will be the end of 'em.

  • leftbelow

    Just as a case study of the problem I was appointed an MS at 21 and ask to be an elder at 28 (turned that down) by 30 I was trying to step down and now (in my early 40's) when I should be one of the next generation of elders for them to wear out I am sucessfully faded. I am proud to say I haven't attended a meeting in over 2 years.

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