WTBTS Elder & Ministerial Servant Problems

by JW GoneBad 113 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Vidiot

    Juan Viejo2, I just read your post; that story is priceless!

  • AnonJW

    In the UK the number of Elders & Servants is on the rise we were told.

  • Vidiot

    AnonJW, told by whom?

  • Gayle

    88,500 elders in U.S. a year ago? M.S. numbers were dropping a lot. How many have had to deal with a pedophile? Guess any pedophile still in and any elders that handled a pedo case are sweatin' it out now. A good time for thinking elders to step out now, knowing they could not stand by WTS policy now and not have to personally take this kind of possible lawsuit/heat in future.

    How many elders will be stepping 'down,' 'up,' 'out' or 'over' now? Weren't their Schools coming around this fall or by end of year? Hope we get some reports like the poster who started this thread with concerns about this pedophile case.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Elder training schools (not for MSs) are scheduled to start in November 2012 thru mid Jan 2013 and you can bet they'll be hitting hard recent court cases involving child abuse.

    It is anyone's guess how many elders are considering stepping 'down', 'up', 'out' or 'over' due to recent child abuse case rulings?

    One thing is for certain many, many an elder is looking into 'Clergy Malpractice Insurance' if there is such an animal!

  • Balaamsass

    JW gone Bad: THANK YOU!! $$$$$$ "

    One thing is for certain many, many an elder is looking into 'Clergy Malpractice Insurance' if there is such an animal!

    YES!!!!!!!!!! I knew I could find a money making multi-level opportunity on this site eventually!!!! JW ELDER PEDO INSURANCE!!!! Like legal shield or Pre-paid legal!!! We need to leave the flyers at coffee shops Saturaday mornings and on cars parked at Kingdom Halls !

  • JakeM2012

    Some congregations are full of men who have served as elders and have been either forced to step down (or whatever you call it) or have been deleted. Not all deletions were for weakness or wickedness, they were elders getting into a issing match. If you talk to them they don't want to serve again. I know I certainly do not.

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    Our former hall has burned through several elders in the last 12 years - one died, one moved away, one had to be removed for adultery, and one stepped down. There have been several MS who aren't serving now too - one got removed when his son started stealing cars and robbing liquor stores, one stepped down due to ill health, one got removed for playing the penny slots in Vegas (and not keeping it on the down low). Of the young men in the hall (under 40), there's one who will never be appointed due to a personal grudge from one of the top dogs, one is currently an MS, one is only 15, and one is 11. I wonder if the 2 youngest ones will stay in or bail. One is the son of the elder removed for adultery, and one is the son of the elder who beat my child while babysitting. Just ROn was never seriously considered for advancement to MS - all he ever got to do was handle the mics a few times and mow the grass. All this in a hall that has *never* topped 40 publishers. In fact, meeting attendence - even at the memorial - has never topped 55.

  • maisha

    I always enjoyed watching the C suckers,,, whom runn around like everything depends on them.

    back in the 60's-80's ppl were so keen and eager to prove themsleves, cooking food, washing dishes , , cleaning,,, LOL,,, nowdays such small jobs like handling a mic is such a big deal, such minor things show ppl for exactly what they are. Power hungry , , graspig at any chance to take Jah's hand, but if you wer enot on the groveling side where you licked A r s e you didnt get anywhere. thats the key ,,, chase the smell and start licking , the JW world is open to you if you do.

    Holy Spirit appointments, wow, are you sure!,,, NO WAY.... for sure there is no magical power directing things, what a joke.

    I have seen Elders tell outright lies about a person in a JC situation simply to make themselves look good.

    Instead of helping the person they didnt really care, were more interested in the sexy bits with hard on's for most with very intimate details asked and reclarified.I was embarresed to be there. I count my self lucky to know the real truth...

  • DJPoetech

    Numbers don't lie.

    In my little micro-cosm, I was 35 when I left. Heavy grooming for MS was the order of the day. They wanted me to study more and I studied the bible right out of the Watchtower! LOL!

    Happily out for 4 years and counting!


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