What will be the next "meat in due season" from the GB?

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  • designs

    Could be a few things that deal with keeping membership- Calling the Other Sheep full fledged Christians and letting them partake with free choice.

    What would be the smarter social moves would be to allow the congregations to have 'congregation picnics' again, its been 40 years.

    The 90s policy of college as a free choice should be brought back.

    None of the above have a snow flakes chance in Hell of happening.......


    This is an excerpt from Awake! March 2011 page 22. It's an experience of JW who used to be a real shepherd and he is talking here about real sheep.

    Why is it reminding me of something and why does it give me shivers?:
    "In a flock there always seemed to be stubborn sheep. For some reason they just didn’t want to obey the shepherd. At times, other sheep were inclined to follow a disobedient one.
    So the shepherd would try to train and discipline the stubborn ones. For example, he would leave such a sheep in the pen alone. In time, some accepted correction and followed the shepherd’s directions.

    Sheep that remained stubborn ended up on our dinner table." ..........Hortenzie

    "Dinner at Bethel"..

    ............................ ...OUTLAW

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    I'm not sure about meat in due season, but it'll be recycled meat of some sort.

  • agonus

    A guy with a foot in his mouth? Must be on the GB.

  • moshe
    Moshe; I was thinking about the" twilight Zone " tv show one episode was called "HOW TO SERVE MAN" THE ALEINS CAME DOWN AND SHIPPED HUMANS OFF TO ANOTHER PLANET. ONLY FOR THE HUMANS TO FIND OUT . HOW TO SERVE MAN WAS A COOK BOOK !!! i get the feeling that the jw's will cook all non jw's at the big A and have a big BBQ...

    JYD- that Twilight Zone episode is on the Syfy channel at 9m EST tonight!

  • wasblind

    thanks Moshe, watchin' it right now

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    At this very moment, the writing department in Bethel is preparing a series of articles that will culminate with irrefutable proof that Jehovah and his Son, the reigning King Jesus, are both boneless and all white meat.

    This spiritual food may stumble many in third-world countries, but their salvation depends upon them accepting this advanced truth based upon things found somewhere in the Bible.

    upcoming article titles:

    Christendom: A Valley of Dry Bones

    Our Bones Are Not Dry - Yet! (We Live!)

    King David Boned Jonathan For His Benefit

    Jehovah, Our Gracious Boneless God

    Jesus Lost His Bones To Please His Father

    Brothers, Use Your Bones While You Can!

    Our Wonderful Boneless Destiny Shall Soon Arrive!

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