What will be the next "meat in due season" from the GB?

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  • Scott77

    Like the U.S Government, the WTS might be forced to state that to be an LGBT Jehovah's Witnesse is a conscience matter, something like left between the person and Jehavah.


  • moshe

    I was a JW back when the smoking ban came out in the early 70's and it was sadi this was needed in order to make everyone clean in Jehovah's org- as the new order was just around the corner. No big A arrived, but the smoking ban is still in effect isn't it? Today's new light is tomorrows chopped liver. I would also inagine they are trying to fugure out how to downplay 1914- there will be no "2014- Celebrating 100 years of Jesus' invisible coming" on the cover of the WT.

  • wobble

    I think a more pressing problem that will require some "Noo Lite" will be the cash-flow problem that has obviously started and can be ignored only for so long whilst down-sizing and selling off assets etc.

    Meat in Due Season will be the flash of light (Prov 4v18) that shows that the Israelites gave of their "Firstfruits" so today JW's should set aside a sum of money for Big J's work before working out how to put bread on the table for the wee ones.

    That way they will get more $$$$$ without actually going for the Tythe, something they may do after another flash in the pan, sorry, of "Light", in a couple of years.

  • thetrueone

    I can remember when 1975 was meat in due season, which ended up as being nothing but a poisonous concocted

    lie to heighten interest in their publications. So much anxiety was built up within the body of JWS,

    that some actually committed suicide as a resulting response.

    The Watchtower's meat can certainly prove to be deadly for anyone willing to take a bite.

  • pirata

    The Faithful Slave is actually just the Governing Body after all.

  • Ding

    I don't see the increased number of partakers as a problem for the WTS.

    They can always say that their figures only represent the number PROFESSING to be anointed.

    The real problem would be if the number keep decreasing because at some point it would reach 0 and that would leave no one of the FDS class on earth.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see them stop reporting the number of partakers altogether.

  • caliber

    "Allowing the spirit of true wisdom to come in " (actually due to drastically falling numbers ) ha ha ha !

    they will turn a blind eye to many of the 101 reasons for disfellowshipping.. example petty gambling

  • thetrueone

    The real problem would be if the number keep decreasing because at some point it would reach 0 and that would leave no

    one of the FDS class on earth.

    Being what human psychology is there will never be 0 anointed in the broad base of the body of members.

    That is of course they can maintain the level of members (7 million) around the world.

    I still think the reported numbers have been increasing over recent years because of the length of time some people

    have been associated with this organization, reaching beyond 50 or more years. Just my personal opinion though.

  • Soldier77
  • thetrueone

    We've got to warn people now before its too late or at least warn people that you know who are JWS to

    carefully examine any food served at the Kingdom Halls.

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