We all die, so why bother with Jehovah if the worst is annihilation?

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    Thank you for finally sharing those various views, Designs! (oh, and I spent my NY eve with a sick puppy and no sleep, but its been better since then, lol. Hope yours has been good so far also)

    I can see them in the bible; even in the NT I can see different views... adding also that Jesus seems to teach (by the rich man and Lazarus) that you have this life to do what you're going to do, and there isn't another chance to make it right afterward.

    I wouldn't blame Jesus imagination for the Hell that we've turned Sheol/Hades into - or even the purgatory of the jews. Nor would I blame Him for what someone else did to burn and slaughter jews, and other Christians as Heretics. Those people had to ignore everything Christ taught and said in order to go ahead and do those things.


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    You make some very interesting points regarding Jewish thinking...

    My point was to go back to the original question in this thread which is addressed to JW's. My conclusion is that from the JW point of view, there really is no alternative to rejecting God other than eternal death...so Interestedone's question is not answerable by a JW. The other viewpoints, yours or Perry's, would be rejected by a JW.


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    Hi Tammy-

    Hope your puppy is doing better. 2011 its here, pretty amazing, I hope its a good year for you and your loved ones.

    Granpa designs

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    Thank you tenyearsafter. I'm still learning about JW's, so I am just trying to clarify my understanding of their outlook & what motivates them. When I posted the question, it was occurring to me that they don't seem to have any kind of scary threat for not serving Jehovah. I was wondering if I was missing something, like is there some kind of motivating threat in their doctrine that I don't know about.

    I do think what dgp started to present was interesting - that to some people the idea of ceasing to exist is upsetting and seems like a punishment. I don't see what the big deal would be about ceasing to exist, but that's me.

    From what I am reading here, it seems like their main threat is creating a "hell on earth" for those who don't serve Jehovah by cutting them off. I definitely feel it from my JW friend. I want to have some kind of friendship with her, but I can feel the wall she puts up which definitely hurts.

    Is that it though? No real punishment after death if you do "wrong" (as defined by Jehovah)?

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    I had an old friend and JW Elder email me a few months ago hoping I would return to active JW life. His emotional appeal was that I would be 'forgotten for all eternity'. Interesting isn't it. We were taught 'dust you are and to dust you shall return'- compost for the vegie garden

    When I gave the wedding talk for my daughter last year I read off the list of our ancestors going back to the 1600s, we are not forgotten and fourhundred years from now we will be remembered by our great great great great grandchildren.

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