Things we never told the public.....

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  • Sayswho


    Dubby:"Good Morning my name is cantleave I'd like to ask a thought provoking question and would be interested in hearing your response. What would you do if someone came to your door offering you a medicine that gave you the opportunity to live for ever in perfect health? Householder:"Well I'd be very sceptical, I would in fact think they were some kind of con merchant and would want to examine the creditionals of the organisation they represented, I would expect to see peer reviewed study's that provided evidence for the claims made and I would check to see if their were contraindications" Dubby: "Shit man you ask too many f*king questions where's your faith? - I'll have your house when you are destroyed at armageddon!"

    Omg!!! That there's funny (sad...but so true...many Jw's think like this)


  • mamalove

    No flip flops, need to wear panty hose, have to have certain colored hose for assembly denim to meetings. People would think that was ludicrious.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Besides all the meetings, assemblies and WTS book studying.......God wants you to buy a bookbag, spend at least 10 hours a month talking to others about the JW religion, turn in field service reports documenting it, give TMS talks, not celebrate holidays, shun DF'd family or friends, don't say God bless you or other harmless phrases, die if need be before taking a blood transfusion, consider higher education a detriment, and consider everyone not a JW a walking corpse in order for you to be considered acceptable to God.

    Think About It

  • Confession

    Drew, I so rarely contribute here these days, but when I saw the title to your post, something immediately came to mind. Then as I read your opening piece, I found it was exactly what I was thinking. In fact I went back and found some of the original notes I wrote in the first few weeks of my "awakening" from the WTS. Here's an excerpt from a couple of the opening paragraphs...

    "When non JWs would ask me, “So do you believe that only Jehovah’s Witnesses will get into God’s Kingdom?” I would answer in a typically diplomatic fashion.

    “Only God knows who he will and will not allow into His kingdom; that decision certainly isn’t up to us. We do recognize though that He does not accept just any form of worship. We also know that the Bible teaches the road to life is ‘narrow and cramped and few would be finding it,’ while the road to destruction would be ‘broad and spacious and many would be finding it.’ So it’s reasonable to believe that most people are not on that road to life, and it’s probably unreasonable to think that a religion is the right one simply because so many people are members.” So, while we craft an answer that we hope will result in less controversy, the truth is—yes, Jehovah’s Witnesses do in fact believe that (among those living today) only those in this organization will enter God’s Kingdom."

  • trillaz

    Confession. I totally agree! Mt 7:13,14 was one I used many times about the narrow gate. Yet the contradiction that I had in the back of my mind is one that the Society uses alot on "proof that WTB&TS is God's organization" is the 7 million publishers and 300k that get baptized every year!!

  • mentallyfree31

    When my brother (LeavingWT) left JW in 2008, I not only cut him off, but I sorta cut off ties with a lot of non-JW family. Because I knew they would ask me if I had seen leavingwt lately, and deep down I knew there was no way to explain how he left my church and I cut him off. I thought about it one time, and imagined myself explaining this to somebody, and I knew it would sound nuts. So I just stayed away from all my cousins that I knew he was close friends with.



  • FlyingHighNow

    I recall distinctly knowing that I needed to teach about the paradise first. Show the Bible hope and the bright shining things about the org. I knew I had to keep the gory details of destruction and shunning hushed at first. I knew it would not work to go to someone's door and tell them:

    • "We are here with Good News and to take away your birthday and other fun holidays.
    • We are here to replace your summer vacations with a grueling, boring district convention.
    • We are here to pressure you into letting you and your relatives die rather than have blood transfusions.
    • We are here to make it damn hard for you to raise your kids.
    • We are here to make sure you learn to make your children miserable.
    • We are here to teach you to use psychological abuse, deprivation and even physical abuse on your kids.
    • We are here to make sure you don't get a college education or prepare for retirement.
    • We are here to make sure you quit your very good, beloved job with benefits because it requires you to work on either Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday occasionally or all of the time.
    • I am here to tell you that you will no longer be a liberated woman treated as an equal. You will do what your husband says even if he driving you into bankruptcy.

    I could go on. I won't. How sad.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    in the end, i found field service so distasteful with the phoney presentations

    i would go alone, with just a bible

    and say something like, ''good morning, i am looking for people that would like to talk about the Bible''...

    nobody ever did and i quit.


  • stapler99

    Yeah, field service was stupid. Go to someone's door and don't even explain who you are or what you are talking about. Just come out with something like "Good morning ma'am, we are in the neighbourhood today sharing a thought from the Bible" or offering the magazines with irrelevant subjects.

    I too did not admit to others that I thought that they would die in Armageddon. "It is not us who decides, it is Jehovah who decides" seems to be a standard answer. (I interpreted this as meaning that all non-JW's would die and a good proportion of JW's too, who weren't pious enough.) On the other hand, it is still admitting that you think that God is going to kill loads of people really soon, which should tip people off that there is something not quite right.

  • finallyfree!

    i remember in highschool there was a bunch of girls that wanted to go out with me but i was so hardcore i would always bs my way out of any conversation. i would have to say the one thing id keep hush is the fact that jws only date with the intent of marriage. wtf...??

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