Another Bad Witness - Elder School on Christmas Day?

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  • AudeSapere
    Onthewayout wrote: I am also confident that this time of year allows the elders and M.S.'s an excuse to ditch non-JW family that weekend.

    Leaving their wives and kids home, alone, with no family - worldly or witness. And no fun or even reasonable excuse to explain away the isolation to their friends and classmates.

    Nice that the elders and MS's have something to do with each other while the kids rack up yet another crappy, lonely weekend while all their schoolmates are showered with love and presents from parents and extended family.

    Bit of a sore point for me while growing up. As the only witness kids in our town/school district (and me as the eldest of my siblings), we had to take a stand for Jehovah on a daily basis and endure the humiliation that goes along with being so different than the other kids. It was either not saluting the flag, not standing for the national anthem, not participating in holidays, no birthday cake, no commentating on political issues - or, worse, getting permission to write or speak to the class about *why* we are not participating and giving that 'witness for Jehovah' to all who asked a reason. UGGHHH! And yet, when our parents were confronted with an opportunity 'witness for Jehovah' by declining a birthday party or some such invite, they *rarely* gave a witness but rather either dodged the invite with a 'maybe' or used a wimpy 'kids need me' excuse.

    And we rarely got that special attention. It was just an excuse.

    So could we use such evasive measures at school? Nope. Had to take the stand and give a bold witness.

    I want my childhood back. Can I have a 'do-over', please?


  • straightshooter

    The WTS has no concept that many families have the only opportunity to get together on the holidays. My wife told me that our special circuit day is on New Years day. Figured that she could go to another assembly on a different day; but no, a member of the GB is going to be there.




  • LostGeneration

    So do any current elders have anything to report from the past weekend? I'm more interested in the mood/feeling of the meeting overall, but if you have any nuggets to share from the school itself those are welcome too.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    You summed it up in one word: weirdos. Just a bunch of religious weirdos.

  • Hairyhegoat

    HOW DARE THEY . organise this shit on xmas and new year.!! The next time Dudley hall is used for this bollocks I am going to ring the 999 services from the Elders special line there and cancel the day as it's a bomb scare!!!lol Fuck of brother turner and mitton/ webster /surgges/ prince / bennit/ allen/ goodshit/ ryan / ollerenshaw..

    You are all fools following a lie.!! Do your own research and free your family before you pass on ..


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