How Does Announcing a Reproof of a Child Molester Protect a Congregation ?

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  • flipper

    When I read this information in the new elder's manual - my mouth dropped open. On pg. 98 point # 20 it states, " The judicial committee may have specific reasons to believe that the congregation needs to be on guard concerning the repentant wrongdoer. Perhaps he ignored previous counsel several times concerning steps leading to the same wrongdoing. For example , in a case involving wrongdoing that could be viewed as child sexual abuse , announcing the reproof of a repentant wrongdoer will serve AS A PROTECTION for the congregation. "

    O.K. Time out here. How in the WORLD does announcing that a person has been reproved PROTECT the congregation or children from possible child abuse from an alleged " repentant " child molester ? First of all the REASONS a person has been reproved are NEVER announced when the person's name is announced ! So NOBODY except the child victimized or his or her parents would know WHO the person is who molested the child. There is such a cloak of secrecy enforced by elders in congregations ( as instructed by the WT society ) to keep private the identity of child molesters within the kingdom halls that unless people or parents of children talk among themselves publicly no one would be aware or informed who the molester is.

    Another thing. When an alleged " repentant " sinner is reproved - that person still is able to go out in service, attend meetings , associate before and after meetings with other JW's. That includes children. So if in fact elders only " reprove " a known child molester - then this person still has access to socializing in the kingdom hall with ANYONE'S children in service, before or after meetings , in restrooms, or even outside in parking lots. A very dangerous precedent due to the WT society's policies of keeping important information " confidential" - even if a member commits felony child abuse.

    ONLY if elders privately call each parent up on the phone in a congregation will ANY parent have access to information that brother so and so is a child molester who has been reproved for the offense. And THAT is NOT a policy of the WT society to do that. Elders would have to be individualists who inform parents ON THEIR OWN without the WT society's approval in order to protect children by informing parents. ( My elder dad and older brother DID just that when 2 known former child molesters moved into their congregation . )

    So I can only see MORE of child abuse cases happening and proliferating in the future in JW congregations as the WT society seems more concerned about HIDING child abuse within it's congregations to save the outward reputation of it's organization to the public, media, and it's OWN members - than really addressing the issues and helping prevent further child abuse within it's ranks. So how do YOU folks feel on the board here ? What is YOUR take on this information ? As always- I look forward to your takes and observations. Peace out to all, Mr. Flipper

  • dgp

    Why would they worry only about the congregation? What about worldly children?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Reproof could be for smoking a cigarette or saying "Gezundheit" after someone sneezed.
    What a stupid dangerous cult that puts itself ahead of the members.

  • Violia

    " worldly " people "don't count". I know, hard to believe , but true.

  • flipper

    DGP- Exactly. Of course, if the WT society doesn't care about what happens to even their OWN children, why would they care about non-witness children ? Another way to look at it I guess.

    OTWO- Yes indeed. It IS a stupid dangerous cult which puts itself ahead of it's members. And is too secretive for it's own good

  • flipper

    VIOLIA- Yeah, very true, even their OWN JW children don't count. So where does that leave " worldly children " ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • dgp

    As a British friend of mine says, "lovely".

    If I had to pick one single thread that showed how warped the JW mindset is, I have no question in my mind or heart: this is it.

    If you, not only individually, but as a part of an organization policy don't care what happens to a child because he happens not to be a member of your own religion, where are your morals?

  • flipper

    DGP- I agree with you. I decided 7 years ago when I stopped attending meetings that the leaders of this organization are devoid of ANY moral character whatsoever. One reason I left

  • dgp

    And I agree with you, Flipper. Fanaticism takes you there. I have seen my share of a different kind of fanaticism myself.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I am so mad right now at reading that but I know for a fact, that is is sadly very true.

    We have a brother who the elders trusted with children who were mentally handicapped, not able to talk. This little girl was three years old and this great brother who had served time in prison but who one elder called a gentle giant and said this poor brother had to serve a extra year in prison because of persecution of people not understanding him. Now this brother was loooooooooooooooved by all the elders. Who would know he was in prison for RAPING A EIGHT YEAR OLD CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When I found out I hit the roof, I was beyond pissed. Guess what I was threatened with being DF'ed if I did not keep my mouth shut. I was causing divisions in the hall. OMG do not get me started. This gentle giant is on the internet as a registered sex offender as I pointed that out to the elder who was threating me. He said it was not my place to tell anyone in the hall, if someone wanted to know they could look it up themselves. I told the elder the way you treat this "brother" and the way you allow him to hold and take care of children who in the hall would check the internet on him?

    The elder told me this man was helping the moms in the hall with their children. Yes the mentally handicapped child made a lot of noise and the elders wanted her out in the parking lot or the back room to keep her from upsetting them during the stupid meetings. The child molester was helping the elders because they did not want to do their jobs of helping the mom themselves.

    I really do hope the Bethel boys do read this sight. I would love them to know that we know the stupid game they are playing with the lives of children. They may fool the rank and file but the word is getting out. The GB love to slam the dreaded Catholic's every chance they get. When was the last time a pedophile priest called on someones door. At least Catholic's have to send their children to church to be abused. We send out pedophiles to worldly peoples door. How lovely. It is beyond upsetting, and everyone needs to know the next time a JW calls on their door it could be a man or woman who have rapped children.

    Thanks Flipper for bring this out to our attention.


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