Begging for money at Bethel

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  • dissed

    Ziddina - You are way too nice to this guy. Truth be told, I'm a little bit jealous that Flipper was so honored and I was ignored. I want you to know that I go to bed, crying myself to sleep, every night, wishing and hoping, that someday I will be considered worthy enough to go back to the WT vomit.

    "Gee, I miss not being able to be controlled by a piece of paper not worthy of at least an honorable use like toilet paper." - Dissed

    Call me sentimental, but I really miss being mislead and wasting my life on a wrong understanding of the 'generation'.

    "Oops! Got that one wrong! At least those fools will believe anything else we can make up" - GB of JW's

  • flipper

    THE REVEALER- My life is very happy thank you very much ! YOU sound more angry or upset than me ! LOL ! Ziddina is correct. I have a wonderful life with all the things she mentioned. I'm sorry you seem so miserably unhappy. Truly. Take care of yourself O.K. ? Hope things go well for you . Peace & love to you

  • flipper

    P.S. Thanks ZIDDINA for having my back ! Peace , hugs, and love to you too sis ! Peace out, Mr. Flipped Out

  • ziddina


    Dang, Dissed!!! Sorry to exclude you!!

    Let me re-state the situation... [Now, this is all "pretend"... I wouldn't REALLY wish this stuff on you...]

    [cough...] Dissed would LOVE to be "honored" as a toilet-bowl cleaner, hallway janitor and window-washer at Bethel...

    He would rather have that DIVine view of Brooklyn, especially the cement wall across the street from his window, instead of looking at a park or green lawn or pleasant landscaping.

    He'd rather have that adrenalin-stimulating situation of walking on a financial tightrope, throwing his present and future financial security to the WIND ["breaking" the wind, as it were...] as a demonstration of his faith in the coming "Day of Jehovah" - "Armageddon" - which was/is due to arrive in 1874/1914/1918/1920/1925/1940/1975/1995/2000/ "any day now" / "just around the corner"...

    And why, do you ask???

    Because Dissed is insa - er, because he's just SOOOO happy being used by - er, 'serving' - a Brooklyn publishing co - er, "god's only organization on earth"....

    Instead of owning his own life...

    There, Dissed....

    Happy, now???

  • dissed

    Ziddina - ...snif, sniff, thank you Ziddina. You brought tears to my eyes to know you still care....

  • ziddina

    Aw, there, there, Dissed...

    [pats him on the back and blots his little black drooley doggie nose with a nice soft hankie...]

  • ziddina

    [winkey wink...] Yer welcome, Mr. Flipper!!

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Thanks zid for defending Flipper. THE REVEALER made no sense in his attack of Flipper. Nothing Flipper has ever said in anyway makes one think he would ever want to go back to the years of misery of the WT world.

    I have met Mrs. Flipper and she is the most wonderful person in the world. Flipper lives in a great area and has a great life, if only his two daughter could see the religion for what it is then his life would be really great.

    No one has ever begged me to come back either, I think it is my strong dislike of men who have rapped children that causes them not to want me back. All the years I gave them and it all came down to my not making friends with pedophile and that was the end. OH well life goes on.

    Thanks again zid and dissed for your great come backs.

  • ziddina

    I am not sure that "TheRevealer" was speaking seriously...

    I looked briefly at his previous threads; couldn't find anything about his "story", but his previous threads didn't seem troll-like or Watchtower-Apologist...

    That's why I treated his comments as humorous, sarcastic or ironic...

    Perhaps "tongue-in-cheek"....??


    I am not sure that "TheRevealer" was speaking seriously......Zid

    ......................... ...OUTLAW

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