Do You Tend To Believe New Posters When They Tell Us What Bethel's Up To?

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  • agonus

    Sure, there's a lot of disinfo here... but still more actual truth than The Truth.

  • minimus

    The News From The Mothership thread is a great example of BS!

  • WTWizard

    First, the hounder-hounder arrangement wasn't supposed to happen until 2011. It is only 2010, so we will have to wait another year to see what became of that.

    Also, they can and do change things. The Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger has people monitoring these boards, and these things in the planning stages are often leaked. Then, they see it on the boards, and alter the course. Sometimes they push back the dates, sometimes they cancel the whole thing. Then they claim that the apostates were wrong all the while. I remember the pio-sneer fiasco where they were going to lower the requirements to 35 for aux pios and 50 for regular, from 50/70. They saw all the posts about that on these boards, and decided to not go along with that change. Then they claimed they never planned it at all (a lie).

    We have to remember that, when we hear about these things, they are only in the planning phases. This means there is a pretty good chance of these items being implemented. And, in the case of things several years out, most active witlesses aren't even going to hear about it. They want it to appear as business as usual until the last minute. But, they can and sometimes do tweak the plans or even ditch them, especially if they see the apostates are already on them.

  • TheListener

    My organization based Christmas Wishes:

    Stop publishing Awake

    CO Arrangement to go away,

    Change in assemblies/conventions/special assembly days - frequency or duration

  • OnTheWayOut

    I believe the last "reduction in pioneer hours" thing was a serious consideration and they couldn't stand that we heathen apostates knew about it, so they decided to prove that we were wrong. That said, this forum may have influenced policy.

    So let me start the rumors. I am no longer a newbie here, so you gotta believe me.

    Awake will go away. Conventions will drop to 2-days by 2014 and Circuit Assemblies will be 1-day twice a year. They will finally drop the publishing of many annual report figures that don't help their outlook and they will change drastically to recruiting with tracts only.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Of your three, TheListener, I give the first two a chance but not the assembly change. They are just too great a money-maker for the WT. Every assembly hall they own makes them around a million dollars a year in tax-free profit. That is just for the finished, open, and running ones and doesn't even take into account the massive profits they make with their savings-and-loan business and constant KH building and remodeling projects. That stuff isn't changing until they're taxed. They HATE paying taxes.

    The Awake! and the PR version of the Watchtower both serve the same purpose now: Borganizational PR for the public. So they could drop one or the other and combine the topics in yet another cost-saving measure. Another thing they will likely do is step up the pressure on the rank and file to download and print out their own Kool-Aid edition of the Watchtower, which would reduce the printing costs further.

    I'm frankly surprised that they haven't been able to tweak the CO arrangement to make it more profitable. I don't know how much of a financial drag it is on the society, though. It may be a break even thing. But if it costs money, they'll do away with it or change things to make it profitable.

  • wobble

    I hope you are right in all aspects, OTWO, so then we can claim, "We have a TRUE prophet amongst us !" something the WT have never or will never have.

    I also hope especially you are right about the part, just using tracts to recruit, because that will spell the end of most recruits who did come from the F.S work, (not that many) as the quality of their tracts is not likely to pull many in, and it is a good let-out for the average Dub, just handing out tracts.

    Already most Dubs just hand out mags, and have no expertise in making a conversation let alone a convert, but those mags could just spark a bit of interest, a tract is easier to ignore and dispose of.

    They are on a downward spiral. thank goodness.

  • blondie


    100--90 (84 mo/1000 hrs/yr)--70 hours/mo for regular pioneers

    75 (2 weeks--100--1 month)--60--50 hours/mo for vacation--auxiliary pioneers

  • Gayle

    Unless "Pioneers" start decreasing, I don't see why they would decrease their hours. According to Annual Report last three years, they claim there are increases in pioneers as is.

    Now, I wonder if they suspect . . . . ., pioneers are not "donating" enough money for all that literature they take? I wonder if pioneers would feel the need to pocket some of that donation for their gas, shoes, etc?

  • blondie

    Here's something else that was hard to confirm in the WTS was not until the current elder's manual that there was anything in writing about transfusions being an act of disassociation rather than being disfellowshipped. I told my husband about this when he was still an elder and to expect it based on comments by posters on JWD.

    2001: There is nothing in print in the WTS publications regarding disassociation. BBC had a reference to it. When the CO visited each congregation, at the elders meeting, he verbally told them that it had changed to disassocation. He read it from a piece of paper with WT header but would not let the elders look at this "non-letter" nor was a copy given to the elders. (below is quote from this article)

    But if this looks like a major climbdown, a spokesman for the organisation - also called Watch Tower - insisted it was merely a procedural change.

    He said not taking blood remains a biblical injunction and a core tenet of the faith.

    If a member has a transfusion, they will, by their actions disassociate themselves from the religion. The ruling emphasises personal choice, he said.

    He added that if they repented afterwards, they would be offered spiritual comfort and the possibility of redemption.

    But the distinction between what in other words amounts to resigning rather than being sacked, does seem to be a major shift.

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