Do You Tend To Believe New Posters When They Tell Us What Bethel's Up To?

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  • steve2

    I take it as a given to question all information on the internet, whether from Bethel "insiders" or not, unless there is strong corroboration (e.g., scanned letter from the GB, Watchtower article, several people reporting from different districts about changes they've been informed about). The internet is the easiest forum in the world for anyone to make claims and being slow to believe and quick to scrutinize are absolutely essential.

  • minimus

    Spreading misinformation is the worst thing!

  • TheListener

    I thought pioneer hours have been reduced. Several times.

    I don't believe what every poster says but I have a ton of fun reading and posting my thoughts on speculation threads.

    When concrete stuff, like the elders manual, get leaked and the information posted her I love it. I remember several years ago the bethel branch manual was leaked too. That stuff is priceless.

  • Mickey mouse
  • factfinder

    I'm always interested in information about Bethel so i read such posts with interest. The info that the magazine printing for the US would be moved from wallkill to canada came true as did the info that a new elders book would come out.

  • factfinder

    That being said, I agree anyone can post anything on the internet. If something about bethel is stated that seems wrong to me I write to a brother I know there about it. I don't hear much from him anymore however.

  • Mrs. Peck
    Mrs. Peck

    You have to be careful because people that are bitter and resentful will pry any little piece of negativity, no matter how small, and turn it in to something big. They want to believe only the negative and discard any positive because they have been so emotionally destroyed. It becomes difficult to see the boundaries, as they become blurred. I know from experience this is what happens. My father is an Elder and alot of the stuff that has been posted on this forum as the "latest" or "new" , is not necessarily true. Or it is very exaggerated. I think the only way to get honest info is directly from someone who is possibly unbiased. I am not an active Witness by the way, I just know how it can be.

  • Vidiot

    There's been almost as many "inside information" claims as there have been declarations of the WT's impending catastrophic collapse.

    Despite the fact that I suspect there are members of the Concious Class at Bethel who may very well pass info along, I tend to take news like this with an Optimus Prime-sized grain of salt.

  • Soldier77

    No I don't tend to believe them, especially without backing scans of official letters or recordings. I trust a couple of people on this site that post new changes because they usually have scans or backing evidence.

    But to see a newbie post something new, especially if it sounds a bit too good to be true, then I just read it for speculation purposes and entertainment.

  • Curtains

    I tend to believe rather than disbelieve what new posters haver to say about Bethel and I most cerrtainly do not think they are desseminating false info as I rather think the society toys with different ideas, some of which it decides put into practice immediately whilst others it defers to a later time.

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