CO admits from platform that "we were embarassed by 1975."

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    [email protected]!!..

    I realise some people are "still in" for personal reasons..

    It`s not easy keeping a family together,in WatchTower World..

    Ya do..What ya gotta do..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • thetrueone

    Did the CO apologize for anyone who committed suicide during those years following up to 1975 ?

    I knew of the 3 young teenagers that killed themselves in around that time with all the built up anxiety and insecurity.

    This published company never expressed any empathy or concern to peoples psychological mental health.

    The WTS executives like COs will never tell the revealing truth how and why 1975 was sold to the public.

    CO's go congregation to congregation to give gives talks on supporting the WTS. not to expose the real Truth about

    what it really is.

  • watson

    I am thinking that the resulting mental health and economic problems didn't REALLY start to show until the 90's, and it can be seen by the huge dependence on medications in the congregations (does not minimize the devestation a the time). It is really just starting to build steam. Kind of an "overlapping generation" type thing. It will continue to compound.

  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    1975 was the reason I almost became a Jehovah's Witness and the reason I didn't. I started studying in 1974 and watched some other bible students take the plunge but didn't go for it myself because it just didn't feel right. By the fall of 1976, despite assurances that it was "gonna be any day now, just be patient!" I had had enough and pulled the plug. Interesting that those still in brush it all off as inconsequential. As I remember it, it was a very big deal. The Kingdom Hall was always electric with anticipation.

  • watson

    The people that thought/think is was/is inconsequential, were in the organization for their own selfish reasons. The whole push has been impending Armageddon.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    So much time has passed that they can look back on it and laugh, yet they have no idea that it wasn't just a simple mistake... it was a con and it worked with flying colors.

    And it is a con they have been repeating over and over for 130 years.

    1914 was supposed to be THE end.

    Then 1925.

    Then 1975.

    Then maybe 1994 or at the latest before the turn of the century.

    Then really really really soon.

    It's ALL a con, and as people mentioned they count on the turnover to keep complaints from within to a minimum. People IN the cult either don't know about the failed prophecies or they're so indoctrinated that they just don't care about facts.

  • miseryloveselders

    Sometimes I read these 1975 threads, and it makes me feel as if I missed something really critical. I was born a few years after 75", but I can't help but feel that had I been around back then and had a good memory of what took place, then maybe I could have avoided a whole lot of heartache and stress. My generation hasn't had a 1975 moment, and we sure could use one right about now.

  • Gayle

    this wasn't a little "fart" to be embarrassed about, back in '75!! This involved purposeful, extensive prophetic talk and scriptures, encouragement and adulation for ones selling homes, turning down scholarships, quitting jobs, etc..3 days a week, 5 hr of meetings, talks/week,,after 6 mos of Bible study to be dropped if not baptized because of nearness of Armageddon, pioneers expected to have no less than 7 Bible studies going/monthly,,etc,,

    It was deliberate, and manipulative!!

  • watson

    We were ALWAYS looking for "confirmation" from traveling overseers, Assemblies, Conventions, new publications, new hall dedications, special Bethel speakers, rumors, friends of "friends"......and we got it! Constantly. It WAS the push. If you didn't believe it, leadership would at the very least look down their noses at you, you were looked at as if you were weak, etc., blah, blah, blah.

  • garyneal
    Truly, when you fail to know your history, you are doomed to repeat it.

    Yeah, that was what I told my wife one time when she was asking me why I concern myself so much with the history of things (read the history of the watchtower). Some people just don't really care. The whole, "We don't serve for dates," thing.

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