Got a letter “inviting” me to my Judicial hearing- should I go?

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  • OnTheWayOut

    I don't think you have anything to gain with an actual lawyer. IMHO: Send a threat now, make them shake in their boots and pause. Then walk away from the whole mess. Trying to deny "celebrating" will only get you all aggravated and you will probably lose.

  • Farkel

    When you get an invite to a hanging, it's best to have dinner at a Dennys.

    But before you do that, have any typical Attorney send them an official letter that says if they DF you, he will MESS THEM UP FOREVER.. Remember, Elders are bullies and cowards and the best way to deal with them is to recognize them for what they are. And then call their bluff.

    Trust me. They will capitulate. They do not want their janitorial and window-washing empires jeopardized by any threat of a personal lawsuit against themselves. They know that "Mother" won't back them up should that happen.

    Watch them run in fury back to their "Halls" and cower in the corners should you do that.


  • diamondiiz

    Get a lawyer to send them a letter or you can go to the kangaroo court and talk about doctrine. You know they will df you anyways so maybe just maybe you can saw some seeds of truth in the minds of someone there. If you don't care for that either, you can just send them a letter to go get fucked by gb because you're done getting screwed by them.

  • ThomasCovenant

    Or you could say,

    ''If you are going to threaten my lifestyle in any way then please rest assured I am going to threaten your lifestyles. We all know where each other live.''

    If it was going to jeopardize a relationship with still in parents, ie the parents would then feel pressured to not have dealings with the disfellowshipped relative, then one may feel entitled to threaten to disrupt the lives of the elders concerned.

    I'm just saying.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    i cant see how you have anything to gain by going

    unless you went out in a blaze of glory

    maybe if its over haloween, show them the other pagen stuff that is allowed now and see what happens...

    it wont stop them but it might be interesting!

    oh, and tape it you do go!


  • nugget

    Ask yourself what you actually want. If you want to remain as a JW then go and plead repentance. If you don't and want to have the freedom to celebrate without fear then just leave it and don't respond. They will DF you based on the evidence they have already. If you have left them already and built a life without them then DF'ing has already lost it's power.

  • nelly136

    its probably a done deal already.

    question is do you want to give them the satisfaction of you bowing and scraping to them, just because they've clicked their fingers?

  • Heaven

    In my neighbourhood, one of the real estate agents gave out free pumpkins this year. I wasn't home at the time so they left one on my porch.

    If you want to remain a JW, go to the hearing and show repentence. Tell them you are celebrating the fall season and nothing to do with Halloween or Thanksgiving.

    If you don't want to remain a JW, I'd do what Farkel and others have advised to avoid the DF and the JC. That way at least your family won't be obliged to shun you.

  • DocBob

    I was invited to a hearing to face charges of apostacy over the phone. You can read my reply letter at

  • darkuncle29

    just placing a mark

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