I am new,,just need to ask? Overcharging at Special One Day Assembly

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  • WTWizard

    I always wondered where the 5-figure bills all go, especially if they own the A$$embly Hells. To rent a public venue, they are paying closer to $2500 and quoting $10,000. I wonder how much it could possibly cost per day to heat or cool, and light, the place--certainly not $7500. I strongly suspect that it is $2500 or less (less if they are using their own a$$embly hells) for the venue and $29,800 for the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund.

  • designs

    I got Heat from Brooklyn to the local level for a Letter I turned in (actually put the Letter in the collection box at the Assembly Hall) at a Circuit Assembly on this accounting issue. No details are ever given on Insurance costs, Utility costs, Maintenence costs- which they have and which should be disclosed. What is announced is a Guilt Trip to send more and surpluses are forwarded to the Society which somehow get turned into a deficit and further guilt tripping.

    I was told to 'wait on Jehovah' to correct matters

  • baltar447

    Why is there visibility on the local level at the KH, yet there's no visibility with assembly accounts?

  • designs

    $$$ Its creating the delusion that you are giving to God. Leave the nuts and bolts kind of fuzzy and the lemmings reach for their wallets.

  • VM44

    "I was told to 'wait on Jehovah' to correct matters"

    That was a condescending response to your letter!

    An organization should provide an accounting of how the money received through donations is spent.

    The Watcthower should be told that 'Jehovah will provide' for their expenses, and then THEY can 'wait on Jehovah'!

  • VM44

    The Watchtower views its people as a source of revenue!

    That is a major reason for the asemblies and conventions, to get extra money to send back to Brooklyn!

    The duplicity!

    They are proud to say that 'no collection plate is passed', but then they plan to make a large contribution to The Watchotwer and say it is part of the 'expenses'!

    A contribution is NOT an expense!

    No wonder they don't want people to see their accounting.

  • Soldier77

    See? THIS would be a scandal worth bringing to a network news agaency, maybe 60 minutes or something. THIS is a huge money making scheme being used by the WTS.

    Seriously, if this were blown wide open, this could wake up a lot of people. As a non-profit organization, their financials NEED to be open and transparent. The account report at the local KH is more detailed than that at the assemblies/conventions.

  • simon17

    What would they do if a person dropped in $100,000? Would they say the operating expenses were $105,000?

    I always wanted to drop in a fake check for some huge amount and see what they would say...

  • gutted

    Cool idea soldier. I'd love to see a newstory (TV or print) about the money practices of JW inc. I've read some stuff on this forum, like this post and for instance about the building of a hall (loan out money that people already contributed then own that hall anyway). I'd like to see some better details that I could share, not just personal accounts.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    The issue of Borg financial scams is being researched by some well-known WT whistle-blowers. It is just that to get real media attention, one needs to have real people willing to speak up/speak out. That's why Dateline was able to run with the pedophile show; there were some relatively high-level, in the know JWs willing to speak out.

    Ex-JWs will be refuted as disgruntled and/or not understanding the current arrangement, leaving the network/newspaper/agency with a he-said, she-said story that they can't really run with.

    If/when the goods are available, there is no doubt they will be made available to the widest media possible. If you know someone with REAL information about ANY of the Borg's financial scams, (other than, "I did the announcements one time at an assembly in 1984" sort of stuff), get them in contact with some of the folks from the high quality "apostate" websites. Their input will be appreciated, I'm sure.

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