I am new,,just need to ask? Overcharging at Special One Day Assembly

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  • dreamgolfer
    re; Overcharging at Special Assembly Days
    Message Hey,
    Having a wee bit of trouble but may have stumbled across a couple of things. Can you confirm or look into this-
    1) Special Assembly Day near Fort Lauderdale Assembly hall - Told the audience that cost was $37,000 for the day and that they were $21,000 short. (this was told to me by my buddy who was there and he questioned his PO that told him the announcement was correct (he was visiting from CA.)
    2) We recently started a NEW Circuit and due to constraints at NC Assembly hall - we have to go outside and rent. Our Special Assembly day was about 4 weeks ago and held at a "public venue in NC" was told our Daily cost was $10,000 and we were "Short" $7,500.
    I did some digging and found the cost we JW's get "Public" place for is $2,650.
    So....is what I am getting at really happening?
    Are we being "OVERCHARGED" to subsidize the FREE work?

    Let me know if what I am saying is striking a similar cord
  • yknot
  • moshe

    Not having to pay for Xmas and birthday presents gives JWs a lot of extra money for the WT org.

  • dreamgolfer


    thanks for the Quick response, sadly I remember the "Ticket" scheme in Tacoma - when Iused to live in Washington State.

    Yuck, this is very blatant.

    thanks for the confirmation and links

  • zeroday*

    Welcome dreamgolfer the society expects a certain amount of donation from each assembly and they just tack it on to the expenses so the brothers think it is the actual cost of the assembly. I worked in finance at one big assembly and I knew exactly how much the actual expenses were but the brother got up on the podium and announced something like $10,000 more than the actual expenses as what was needed to cover the cost of the assembly...

  • finallyfree!

    Yaahh the dubs in my neck of the woods use a convention hall that serves as congregations for 4 territories and also serves as convention center for all 1 and 2 day assemblies in the area. They say its like 7000 for a day to rent the assembly hall part of the complex which is owned by the wts and paid for by its members...wtf!! When I asked why its so high the elder said there was other costs like the sound system (owned by the WTS) the heating and AC (still doesn't add up..) And other costs associated with the event (who knows where all that cash really goes to..). Its actually a way for the society to use their assets to turn a tax free profit at the year end. You see if the society has convention centers collecting triple or quadruple what any other place would charge its a great way to fleece the flock. Meek rhymes with sheep. They're so sheeplike that they follow the shepard z(the GB) without question. .

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Let's think about this very carefully:

    1. The work performed at the Assembly Halls is of the highest caliber and the workers are paid at the top end of the union scale. No, No No... that's not right, ALL the work performed at the Assembly Halls is performed by non-compensated (unpaid) volunteers.

    This adds precisely $0 to operating expenses.

    2. The Assembly Hall properties are heavily taxed by the municipalities in which they are located. No, No, No... that's not right, the properties pay NO TAXES to any municipality because they are an exempt religious organization.

    This adds another $0 to the operating expenses.

    3. The magnificent all-you-can-eat buffet tables are expensive. No, No, No... there is no food service of any kind offered. There USED TO BE, but that is OLD WTB&TS History now. JWs are encouraged to bring petits-fours and finger sandwiches from home along with their bottles of chilled refreshments. KFC MacDonald's and Subways sandwiches are discouraged.

    4. The assemblies generate lots of audio crap, which dissipates into the atmosphere. It also generates tons of literal feces, 'cause all God's chillun gotta poop. Toilet paper adds to the operating overhead. Be a prince and bring your own roll to the assembly, whydontcha? That's what the ancient worthies would want you to do.

    5. The ASSemblies generate lots of litter-chure, and it all has to go into a big black plastic bag so that a sea turtle can swallow it and die of terminal bowel obstruction. No, the turtles will NOT be resurrected. Jehovah worries about sparrows, but the turtles are on their own. They're reptiles! oops, so are birds...

    6. WTB&TS mucky-mucks have to travel in the utmost comfort to and from the ASSemblies, lest they wake from the dream that they are already in Paradise.

    NOW we're getting somewhere!

    7. Brothers, thse presses don't run on Jehovah's Magic Spirit. Someone has to pay for the paper, ink, 'lectric and slave quarters and slave food, and by "someone" we mean YOU.

    Your Brothers, equal yet SUPERIOR to you in every way,

    The WTB&TS, Brooklyn

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    dreamgolfer: Welcome.

    I attended a 2 day assembly a week ago. When the account servant read the accounts report he was quite clear on the figures. I have since asked around and the following is what I learned:

    1. I understand this assembly hall is paid for. It has been around maybe 20+ years.

    2. The assembly is used nearly 50 weeks out of the year. A number of circuits use it from miles around.

    3. At this particular assembly the account servant when reading the acounts report stated: The cost to use the facility was $ 20,000.00 for the weekend (no expense detail given).

    Now if you do the arithmetic: 50 weeks X $ 20,000.00 per wkend that equals out to $ 1,000,000.00 per year per assembly hall. And I would guess most of them are paid for. Whether donations always meet or surpass that $ 20,000.00 amount who knows. But that is their target revenue usage amount. $$$$$ in profits!

  • yknot

    oooohhh and don't forget the suggested value of the meeting usually given at the service meeting........ours is $5 per person currently.

    One of these assemblies I am going to sit and count how many times the donation boxes are referenced!

    I am also going to spend my $5 on printing up WTS money and phoney cheques to stuff in the boxes!

  • Scott77
    You see if the society has convention centers collecting triple or quadruple what any other place would charge its a great way to fleece the flock. Meek rhymes with sheep. They're so sheeplike that they follow the shepard z(the GB) without question

    I liked that point. I wish, the flock come to its sense as soon as possible.


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