Take the Kids Exposed to JW Stuff to the Disney Movie, "TANGLED." Great Message For Them

by OnTheWayOut 13 Replies latest social entertainment

  • JustHuman14

    Great movie...I will take my kids to watch it. So many similarities of the WT!!!

  • mamalove

    My kids JW dad took them. I will have to buy it when it comes out. Thanks for the tip!

  • sd-7

    Interesting. I found some thoughts that reminded me of the WT in "City of Ember". Also a good film that kids could see. I'll have to catch 'Tangled' on Digital Video Disc.


  • cantleave

    I really appreciate the nugget and I both left so our kids don't have to have these metaphors directed at them, they can just go and enjoy the film for what it is.

    For those not in my position - I hope films like this do get your JW family thinking.

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