I just heard from OOMPA!!!!!!!

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    Hi Grace,

    I have a copy of the Fifth Estate documentary (on VHS) about the Silent Lambs. It's very good in showing how really uncooperative and evasive the WT is when coming to dealing with the issue of child sexual abuse. I think the reason the tape didn't get very much publicity is because the JWs legal department got involved. The program was supposed to run in BC, but was pulled at the last minute...duh ...at least if my recollection is correct (I'm a grandma, too, ya know!) The WT legals like to threaten and intimidate, as I understand.

    *Sorry about changing the topic*

    Back to you, OOMPA! Get well soon!


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    Hooray!!! Thank you SO very much for the update, Dearest Amazing Grace!!! I just saw this, I don't know how I missed it the first time around.

    OOMPS, WE LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH, and we are so, SO very glad that YOU ARE STILL WITH US!!! Mend WELL and quickly, Brother!!!!

    I agree with Mouthy... thank you thank you thank you to your (ex?)wife for allowing that blood transfusion! THANK YOU, MRS. OOMPA!!! Great big love to you!!!

  • Chalam

    Thanks for the posts Grace!

    More prayers for Oompa and Nancy, for healing and resurrection life all round :)

    Blessings in Christ,


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  • New light for you
    New light for you


    I'm one of Oompas good friends. I'll let you know a little more info so it doesn't sound more, or less than it is. He broke every bone in his face. The full impact of the 80miles an hour into the tree was on his face. He broke his pelvis and broke the bone badly on his forarm. They had to put metal plates all in under his face, but honestly did an amazing job. The issue was ok with broken bones, it was more with the fact that he shattered the side of his jaw. They made special just for him this 'cage' Oompa called it- that came out from his head with about five metal prongs going directly into his jaw to hold it. Yes, the 'Oomps' had a closed mouth for about 2 months, but was getting great at speaking thru it (just clench your teeth, you can see you can talk around it, its just not easy). He has numerous surgeries to look forward to to correct other issues related to the face. He still has no feeling nose down. He's been on liquids since he woke, and just over the last couple weeks got promoted to soft foods, though they're difficult. The other difficult point is now that the scar tissue is building and making it harder to move mouth. He was 'out' for 2 weeks.. in hosp for 2 months total I think in the end. He has a long road of recovery ahead of him, and its up and down. He always appreciate anyone that wants to show him love and that we care, so PLEASE feel free.


    Oompa hit his Face on a Tree doing 80mph????????..

    Jesus H.Christ on a Cracker!..LOL!!..

    That`s so Horrible it made me Laugh..I`m surprised he Still has a Head..

    Dam..What a CrazyMan..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • AudeSapere

    New Light for You - Thanks for the clarifying details.

    Glad to hear Oompa is healing and recovering.

    One question, though. Was he wearing a helmet? If so, what style??


  • New light for you
    New light for you

    He was wearing.. i'm not familiar with terms but the small 'half-helmet' kind.

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    I heard about his accident. He popped in here the other day. Many wished him well.

    State law (where Oompa lives) requires a DOT helmet for all riders. I wear a half helmet, DOT approved but I know that it's not near as protective as a full helmet (which I own for cold weather). Full helmets limit my peripheral vision plus I like the wind in my face...but not trees

    But at 80mph even a full helmet isn't going to let you walk away from hitting a tree.

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