I just heard from OOMPA!!!!!!!

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  • mouthy

    You all know he was in a terrible motor bike accident.Broke every bone in his body
    Was in Hospital for ages. UNCONSCIENce ...His exWife Nancy. took him after he came out of hospital.
    He doesnt go on here as he is NOT back to normal yet. But He sounds not to bad.
    But he went to the meeting with his wife today

    But when they find out SHE signed for a blood transfusion for him,they want to speak
    to him about it???? He offered to send me a ticket to fly to his house,I am too old
    to do that. But my prayer for you who pray IS Keep him in your prayer Also pray for his
    wife..sounds like she has a good heart..... You who dont pray send your karma.
    He told me all he has been through TERRIBLE!!!!!!!


  • ziddina

    Yay, Mouthy!!!!

    I'm sure you expressed to him, how much we all miss him and hope things improve for him....


  • mouthy

    Yes darling I did ...

  • mouthy


  • Mary

    Hey Grace, thanks for letting us know. Did he have a blood transfusion or did his ex-wife just sign saying that he could have one if it was necessary? Tell Oompa that if the moronic elders 'want to talk to him' about a blood tranfusion, to just deny, deny, deny as it's none of their damn business anyway. Frigging vultures.

    Please say 'hi' to him!!

  • mouthy

    Yes he had a blood transfusion Mary... They already know. I said they will probably df Her.

    But he said she KNEW his thoughts on it..But I said she was supposed to let you die.
    I called him back( since his # showed up,)I was hoping to speak to his ex. I would have
    thanked her for having a caring heart...I wish I could give her a big hug.....Of course to say
    I LOVE THIS GUY!!!!!!

  • mouthy


  • Snoozy

    I'm so glad he is doing better!

    When hubby had me sign the POA and other papers (JW) I flat out told him that if he needed blood I couldn't guarantee I wouldn't let them give it to him. He didn't argue. He still choose me over his JW mom which really surprised me!

    Makes you wonder how many JW's would take blood if it came down to the nitty gritty and someone told them they would die without it..


  • TD

    I really liked Oompa... Hope he makes a full recovery.

  • yknot

    Prayers and good vibes to both Oompa and Nancy!

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