I just heard from OOMPA!!!!!!!

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  • darkuncle29

    Poor guy, he's not really as messed up as that pic Outlaw posted is he?

    I think it is remarkable what his EX wife did for him. She just needs to recant and not tell the elders anything, its not their business, HIPA (privacy) laws will protect her. It would be stupid of them to DF her for following his wishes regarding his care.

  • mouthy

    he's not really as messed up as that pic Outlaw posted is he?

    Well he sound like he could be. He said every bone in his body was broken ,I think he said he
    had a cage like thing on his face,He said "Grace I shouldnt be alive"
    I do hope by hearing he went to the meeting,that he must be able to get around now.

    Please though do remember I am 83.I was so surprised to hear from him & he was telling me all
    I may have forgotten some.But he did say he was moved that you all were wishing him well

    & said I should say THANK YOU ALL

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Thank you for the update Mouthy . It is good to hear Oompa is on the mend and being taken care of in the mean time .

  • ziddina

    He broke EVERY bone in his body????? Please tell me that he was kidding...

    Gigantic "OW!!!!!!" = he may not have broken every bone, but it probably feels like it...

    Poor guy...

  • PSacramento

    Prayer for Oompa and his Ex who came to his rescue ( funny how things work).

    May our lord strengthen him and her, grant her strength and the will power to do what is right and help Oomp to a speedy recovery.

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    Fantastic news and continued prayers for eventual complete recovery! Thanks, Mouthy for keeping us all informed...and please send him our hugs and continued well wishes; also glad to hear of his wife's support through all this. Out of tragedy good may come...

  • satinka

    Grace, I'm so glad that OOMPA has you for a friend --- and for a connection to reality.

    Gosh, the religion interferes with so many lives in such harsh ways. I agree with another poster who suggested going to the newspapers with the story. My reason for that: If we keep quiet about the jw interference, perhaps we are "enabling" such disrespectful behavior to continue longer than it needs to.

    Sending positive vibes to OOMPA and family,


  • mouthy

    Thanks all.i agree with you S. I sent AN EMAIL TO THE 5TH ESTATE

    .After watching the exposure Documentary the other night on the Catholic Church
    I asked them to do one on the JWS ..They (5th Estate) came to Pa Convention
    one time & did a bit on one of there sshows Years ago,.

  • Quentin

    OOMPA!!!!!!!!!!!........your ex has done a wonderfull thing, she is to be praised.....wtbts go take a flying at the Moon.....sick morons.....I agree, beat on a reporters desk to do a story. Let the public see wtbts for what it is. Religon section of newspapers love exposer articals.....

    This one has all the elements needed. Of course it goes to how and what OOMPA whishes, most important is his recovery, notwhat we think. Best to you and yours as you recover from all this. Thank you Grace for letting us know.

    Well he sound like he could be. He said every bone in his body was broken ,I think he said he
    had a cage like thing on his face


    And..Oompa still can`t Shut UP?..LOL!!..

    Tell Oompa when he gets better enough to post here..I`m going to make him laugh his ass off..

    He will still be healing,so it`s going to hurt to laugh..

    Thats what he gets for making us all worry about him..LOL!!..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

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