No Need For EdenTree Unless God Knew An Angle was...

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  • Sayswho

    • No Need For Eden Tree Unless God Knew An Angle was...going to try and foil his purpose for other life forms.

    This has always not added up for me. There is really no reason for the tree (s) unless God knew that he had angles that were already bad in their 'hearts'. So the questions I have on this are...

    1. Were the angles tested to see if they would remain faithful?
    2. Were humans created to be the test for the angles?
    3. Was it was 'fair' to have spirit creatures (millions of years old?) trying to deceive 'babies'?

    IF SO...

    • How 'good' was God's relationship with Adam if he was too afraid to come to Him when Eve was deceived?


  • cantleave

    Would that be a right angle or a rect angle?

    good point though.

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    I don't know that you can say how old angels are. Time is a funny thing.

    Maybe it highlighted the difference between God and man. God being unlimited. Something to aim for.

  • tec

    I think the trees simply represented something that IS. Something that was there as a part of creation. Such as good and bad - so therefore knowledge of good and bad. The ability to live forever - and so the tree representing life.

    I don't think they were created for a test - of anyone. They were just part of the world, and so part of creation. God telling Adam/Eve not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and bad was not a test of their obedience (though Satan might have been testing that), but rather an instruction and warning because of what would happen as a result.


  • Perry

      How 'good' was God's relationship with Adam if he was too afraid to come to Him when Eve was deceived?

    Why do you assume God was afraid of something? God was not an equal to Adam in the sense that he should have been compelled to collaborate with Adam about what to do with his problem wife.

    The solution to the problem was really the problem before the solution. - Belief. There was nothing to discuss. Adam and Eve could have chosen to believe God or chosen not to believe God. God is the originator of all reality. Part of that reality he protects and makes available is choice.

    I personally like a reality with consequential choices in it.

  • designs

    One of the first mistakes is to take a Jewish folkloric tale Literal. If you start with false premises and assumptions everything following will be skewed.

    That said, for the Literalists- why or what kind of Father leaves his kids in the dark and makes them jump through hoops with the outcome being dangerous.

    I am a father and grandfather, I would never and have never done such a cruel thing to my kids or grandson.

    Rethink your assumptions and premises and start over.

  • CandleLight

    Adam and Eve were in a special position with their Father. He however would not force them to stay there. No one who truly understands love, would force someone they love to stay, but instead would leave open a choice.

    Adam and Eve made it clear they no longer wanted that bond, by eating of the fruit.

  • designs

    Candlelight- ask a Rabbi about Adam and Eve then rethink your assumptions.

  • AGuest
    There is really no reason for the tree (s) unless God knew that he had angles (sic) that were already bad in their 'hearts'.

    He did know this, dear Sayswho... peace to you!

    The physical realm was created for the purpose of hiding the seed [of the Woman] from its enemies in the spirit realm. "Treasure... hidden in earthen vessels". The greatest of such enemies is Death... the "last enemy." And there are others; however, the Adversary (Belial, called "Satan" and "Devil") wasn't known to be among these. He joined such forces when he became jealous of the One whom he was supposed to protect... the Copper Serpent/Propitiatory/Tree of Life... Christ... and the ones whom that One protects (the seed of the Woman).

    Adam and Eve had virtually all they could want, even eternal life (as they could eat from the Tree of Life without limit). Unfortunately, they both wanted something they were not PHYSICALLY ready to possess: knowing "bad"... meaning, knowing death. While the spirit can know death... and live... the physical body, at that time, could not. It has not been brought to its maturity, yet. Since it never realized that potential but basically ceased moving toward that end and reversed so as to go BACK to the earth... and since that is the body WE inherited, ours cannot with. Not yet.

    Eve was tricked into believing that was not the case, however - that she would eat and be like God... not only knowing good (life)... but bad (death)... yet living. Adam, however, knew it was the case; he believed, however, that he could "conquer" death (as his brother, Christ, eventually did) and so sold the lives of his progeny for that prospective ability... which he did not receive. Because it wasn't anyone's to give, but God's. And He didn't give it to Adam. He did, however, give it to the Last Adam, Christ.

    I hope this helps!

    A slave of Christ,


  • Sayswho
    Perry...Why do you assume God was afraid of something?

    Not God but Adam...Adam and Jeh should of had a very close relationship, so ADAM could feel he could approach GOD with any problem he had. So they must not of since he did not.


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