What would you do if witnesses called on you on Christmas day?

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  • carla

    I find it just disgusting they do this. How would jw's feel if Christians went calling on them on the day of their reject Jesus Memorial? How about if a group decided to hold a prayer vigil in or near the parking lot complete with signs and candles hoping to 'save' the jw's?

    I don't think they do it to truly preach to anybody, they only do it so they have good stories to tell at the kh and to feel even more self righteous (as if that's possible) than they arleady do.


    What I usually do..Draw them into conversation..

    Get them to be misleading and decietful..

    Embarrass them..Get them to laugh..

    Then do it again..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW


    Offer the most attractive one of them a lift. A lift on to the top of my Christmas tree that is.

    No! Seriously, I'll take the day of from being a gladiator and try to be a nice person for the whole day.

    Anyone that knocks at my door on Christmas day will be offered a drink of their choice and a piece of cake.

  • nugget

    We used to visit calls who we knew were alone on Christmas day just to let them know someone was thinking about them.

    If witnesses call on us this year they will not be invited in. I want my children to enjoy the non witness experience and really need to have non witnesses around to achieve that.

  • BluesBrother

    In past years, Christmas Day Ministry was a big thing with a large number turning up to do it...House holders were more receptive than usual and we always felt good about going out....

    As time passed, the support waned and just a few diehards came out. The low point was when I went as group leader and nobody else turned up. I did not go out alone....

    If they called here? well, they know us and so I doubt they would.....if they remember where we are. I would be polite and welcoming, of course

  • moshe

    I'd tell them we're Jewish and would they like to have a Torah study with me?

  • mrsjones5

    I would laugh, say "MERRY CHRISTMAS!", and give them a candy cane.

  • Quentin

    Would inite them in. Give theme coffee, hot cocco, snacks, Chat it up, perhaps let them make their speel, no counter witness from me. Wish them a good day, On their way out tell them I used to do what their doing till I came to my senses. IMO that would, if nothing else, give them something to think about how an ex-jw lured them in, gave them treats, caused them to celebrate Christmas, in asmall way, yet perhaps it would plant a seed, who knows. No need to be tacky on Christmas day.

  • HappyDad

    As at anyother time, I either would not answer their knock. If I opened the door to see who it is and they were JW's, I'd just say "not Interested". On the other hand, if I opened the door and saw a JW I used to know, then I'd make some small talk and dismiss them. But if they tried to be persistent, then I would have to come back with the knowledge I now have that they are not the "truth". I'm pretty sure they would leave shortly!

    I think I might have gone out Christmas Eve day but don't remember doing it on Christmas day. As a family we didn't think it was very nice to mess up their holiday.

    When I was an elder, it seems that the powers that be would always schedule me to take the lead on most holidays. I always made an excuse not to do it though!


  • Ding

    I'd invite them in and say, "Let's talk about Jesus."

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