What would you do if witnesses called on you on Christmas day?

by RosePetal 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • Ilovebirthdays

    I might fall over from shock, as the only JW activity I've seen around here is about 2 Memorials ago, someone left a tract inviting me on my door mat. (It must have been a drop and run, as I never heard them knock and ring, and was obviously home.)

    Anyone coming here would be in for a nasty surprise. MIL will be here, and she doesn't take too kindly to Witnesses. She never had any at her door until she retired. I guess the unfortunate ones who rang the bell were treated to MIL telling them to get off her property, as MIL's grandmother was a JW (converted after a young marriage, and the only one in the family) and wanted to know why the grandmother refered to Witnesses as "the friends" and even though she (grandmother) showed up for every meeting and went in service at least twice a week for 60-something years, she didn't even have one "friend" show up to the funeral the family had when she died. After they left, MIL ran to her neighbor's house they were going to next, and entered in the back door, and answered the door again, and then went to the next neighbor's house and answered the door a 3rd time. By the 3rd house, they asked if she was going to be at every door, and she told them no, she was just going to her close friends' houses to warn them about the JW's, and told the JW's never to come to those 3 houses again. Which they did, and she did the same thing, and now nobody has come back for over 10 years.

  • RosePetal

    LOL Mouthy you're gonna kill them with kindness. Outlaw you crack me up your gonna sock it to them, Quinten your gonna lure them with treats, Happy Dads gonna be short and sharp, Dings going straight for the jugula. Mrs Jones is going to be very very merry, and moshe is going to leave them speachless.


  • ziddina

    I dunno... I might ask them why they condemn Christmas as pagan, when the bible itself is innately pagan... And show them the scriptures where "Moses" uses - at "god's" command - the "Rod of Asclepius" to supposedly "cure" the Israelites of poisonous snake bites... Show them how old Goddess worship is, especially compared to the recent age of the bible... Show them the flaws in the story of "Noah's" "ark".... Etc...

  • jehovahsheep

    i would invite them in and tell them im dfed and watch how they make their exit

  • WTWizard

    If I was alone and did not know them, I would simply tell them I'm not interested in their scam. But I find it distasteful to let the witlesses hold up something the children are eagerly looking forward to--if I had children about to open their presents or head off to Grandma's, I would simply close the door in their faces after telling them they just picked an extremely bad time to call. That would limit the holdup to around 10 seconds, not 15 minutes.

    On the other hand, if it was witlesses I knew, I would simply let them freeze outside because I know they are probably going to hound me to pull down the decorations and throw them away, throw away everything nice I bought during the past 2 years (and is doing a much better job than the crap it replaces), go to the Kingdumb Hell, have a supervised Washtowel study, and eventually go back out in field circus under their directive. And I would turn the Christmas lights up full blast, along with getting the Sony Walkman I loaded up with Christmas music going and make them listen to it as long as they were around.

  • dissed

    I would be tempted to listen to their 'sales pitch' then say, "Yes, I'll contribute to your world work. Let me get my wallet, I'll be right back" Then shut the door and never come back whilst they freeze their batooties off on my porch. But the real dissed would say the boring and quick, "I'm not interested"

  • Botzwana

    Ziddina, You and some others are blowing me away! I NEVER knew that about the Pagan serpent pole!!! I read about it on Wikipedia now. WOW!

  • ziddina


    Botswana, you ought to do a bit of research on "goddess" worship - perhaps check out the Sumerian civilization, and their Goddess, Inanna...

    Seems that, several thousand years BEFORE Christianity, the Goddess Inanna spent three days and three nights in the underworld.... And was then rescued - "resurrected"....

    Oh, and check into the Greek God, Dionysis, deity of the grapevine... Seems that, several hunded years before Christianity, the followers of Dionysis celebrated his symbolic "death" with a celebration at which they drank the wine from vinyards - and believed that the wine was THE BLOOD OF THE GOD, sacrificially killed for their benefit...

    And there's lots more...


  • darkuncle29

    When I was a child in the midwest in the 80's, because my parents studied with the PO, we always went out on holidays.

    When I moved to Seattle, I did once. then the thing was to do service the day before, or briefly on the 25th, and then head up to Crystal Mtn to go skiing. I think it would be funny to hit the slopes now and see how many JWs I recognize.

  • carla

    I was just talking to my mom about them going on Christmas day and her jaw nearly hit the floor. She couldn't believe they would actually go out on Christmas day bothering families special time. She wondered how many get punched out. She knew they were very intolerant but this was just so outrageous to her.

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