Your favorite meeting ever.

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  • Never_Enough

    It seems pretty fitting that the favorite meeting is usually the last one - as was also my case.

    I was a few months into my fade when I got a call to help with a service meeting demonstration on the last part of the meeting. I agreed: one last hurrah, why not? Everyone's usually fidgety by the end of the night anyway, so why not give them something to remember?

    So I showed up about five minutes before the part was to begin - really didn't have the patience to sit through any more drivel than I had to. The time comes and we go up... it was A BLAST! Instead of the usual 'stand-in-place-and-present' skit, we roamed the platform, came down off it and used the adjacent room -usually a literature counter- as a separate 'house' - we EVEN had someone hide in there beforehand and come to "answer the door" as we knocked - the whole audience was in stitches by the end of it. I could smell the fumes coming out of some elders' ears.

    Did anyone learn anything? Sure hope not. But it definitely was a meeting to remember, hopefully for more than just me.

    It was fun to leave on a high note while making a bit of a mockery of the whole thing.

  • Honesty

    When my youngest son was about 2 years old, we were asked to demonstrate how a

    'strong' family studied for the Watchtower Study. It was the second part on the SM.

    My boy sat in my lap and picked buggers out of his nose and showed each one

    to the congregation the entire time we were on the platform.

  • thenoblelodge


    My favorite meeting ever was when they announced that my husband was no longer a elder. So many people came up to me and were so happy he was removed. He walked out of the hall with his tail between his legs. I also had another favorite meeting, it was my last. I went up to a sister who caused alot of problems for my family with her big mouth, thanked her for destroying my family, almost knocked her on her ass, told my daughter to leave the shit books on her chair and we walked out. When I got in my car I floored the gas, kicked up so much gravel I probably ruined a few cars. We turned the radio on as loud as we could and sang all the way home. My son was about 9 and he was jumping in the back seat. We stayed up most of the night laughing and throwing dad's books in the trash. I let them skip school the next day.

    I laughed and cried at the same time when I read this. THE JOY TO BE FREE.

    What an exit, well done.

    (make not mess with Tiffy)

    Peace to you and your children

  • WTWizard

    My favorite meeting: Getting a phone call from the book study conductor informing me that the meeting has been cancelled.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I am with WTWizard my favorite was when the meetings were cancelled. I always wondered why I felt so happy and I kind of beat myself up for not wanting to go but a free night off with out having to listen to all the stupid talks was such a blessing.


  • snakeface

    One Sunday, when I had given the public talk, a visiting sister came up to me after the meeting and said, "I want you to f*** me."

    A few months later I gave the "special talk" and kept looking in the audience.....

  • cantleave

    My last meeting was in march this year, I did a talk, the first since resigning as an elder. I sat there thinking this is all bollox left half way through, and never entered the hall again. It certainly was not the best meeting I ever attended they were all dire including that one. I suppose the best meetingt wasn't really a meeting but our wedding.

  • Medina

    My favorite meeting?

    I always loved the CA. Alot of young girls we're there waiting to get a ''decent'' brother. But the best meetings we're the meetings just before I quit, the meetings were I was laughing my ass off inside, because of the bulls*t the guy on the podium was talking.

  • myusername

    My most memorable meeting was the one that caused me to faint from the heat. There was no air conditioning and half way through the prayer I dropped in the front row. Supposedly I made a loud noise. I was unconscious and sweating profusely. The funny thing is they continued with the prayer and it was a long prayer. My parents said nobody came to our aid but my mom fanned me and helped me regain consciousness. I was 8 years old. I find this an outrageously strange scenario.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    The final talk on Sunday, August 3, 1958 of the International Convention at New York's Yankee Stadium and the Polo Grounds. It was my 15th birthday and my present was getting to go home after 8 miserably hot summer days of boring talks. I thought it would never end. I took forever for the final prayer. It must have been 95 degrees and not a dollop of shade the entire day. We were all wearing long-sleeved shirts and ties (it was the "public talk" so we all had to look our best). Brother Knorr gave the main talk - all about Adam and Eve sinning, Moses and the commandments, and Jesus dying for our ransom, and then Armageddon and the New World! Like we hadn't heard all that before a thousand times over (at least a hundred times during that same assembly!)

    Then Fred Franz came out to give his final talk. Made not one lick of sense to me. So full of himself, I thought. He sounded almost like he had a German accent, but he was originally from Ohio I think. Then Brother Knorr again, if I remember right. I just wanted to get out of there as fast as I could. But at least that eight days of hell was over. I never went to another International Convention again.

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