Your favorite meeting ever.

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  • 2tone

    Id like everyone to share there most memorable meeting attendance they had. For whatever reason.

    Id like to thank everyone for there comments who read my introduction post. They were helpful. I will figure things out.

    So I was thinking the other day about the 100s or 1000s of meetings that I have prollly attended. The first thing that comes to mind is how boring some were. When I was in college I was attending a local congregation sometimes. Its kind of bad in someways. Anyways, I crushed up a couple percocets and snorted them and was higher than a kite on a thursday nite meeting. I got to say that was the best meeting ever. It didnt matter what they said on the platform. How could I disagree, I didnt care to disagree. For once, I felt like everyone else did COMPLETELY NUMB to everything that was going on. I was tryin to talk to people before and after the meeting. I was so quick to talk to everyone. I definetely was on cloud 9 at the time.

    Also, wouldnt people outside of the religion think that the term "the meeting" sound very cult like or something. Anybody know what I mean. Like "the meeting" like something special is goin to happen or something were goin to miss.

  • 3Mozzies

    I hated the meetings so much, I would miss so many.

    My favourite meeting was my last one (didn't know it was my last while at that meeting), I knew it was all BS at this stage and knew I would not be doing this for much longer. I decided to fade for a few months.

    When it was time to go to the next meeting I thought: "WHY bother going/fading?" I stopped cold turkey and life improved!!!

    Yes I agree 'meetings' do sound cult like because they are.


  • blondie

    My favorite meeting ever....the last one!

  • asilentone

    my favorite meeting was not at the Kingdom Hall, but at the circuit assembly, I was approached by 5 different sisters on the same day. I still like one of them, but she is now married. I contacted her on facebook and she told me she is now married.

  • MrFreeze

    I'm with everyone else (almost), my last one. Like 3Mozzies, I didn't know it was my last at the time. Elders dragged me in the back to discuss me not pioneering anymore and I went for it and told them the honest truth. It felt so good to get that all off of my chest.

  • Ding

    My most memorable meeting was the Memorial when I realized that no one was obeying Jesus' command to "take... eat... take... drink..." and that everyone there was testifying that they had no part in the blood and body of Christ.

  • 3Mozzies
    Elders dragged me in the back to discuss me not pioneering anymore and I went for it and told them the honest truth. It felt so good to get that all off of my chest.


    MrFreeze that would of felt so gooooooooood!

    I would of loved to have been a fly on the wall.


  • tiffy12

    My favorite meeting ever was when they announced that my husband was no longer a elder. So many people came up to me and were so happy he was removed. He walked out of the hall with his tail between his legs. I also had another favorite meeting, it was my last. I went up to a sister who caused alot of problems for my family with her big mouth, thanked her for destroying my family, almost knocked her on her ass, told my daughter to leave the shit books on her chair and we walked out. When I got in my car I floored the gas, kicked up so much gravel I probably ruined a few cars. We turned the radio on as loud as we could and sang all the way home. My son was about 9 and he was jumping in the back seat. We stayed up most of the night laughing and throwing dad's books in the trash. I let them skip school the next day.

  • 3Mozzies

    Tiffy12, you make me want to go back to my last meeting and go out in style like you did!!!


  • Botzwana

    I have a few things to clear up before it's my last one. Some witnesses owe me money and I have a judicial case against her. Let's see what happens.

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