The New Covenant Discussion

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    jonathan dough

    If they claim to be in the new covenant and yet not "annointed", ask them who is their mediator?

    If any JW claims to be a party to the New Covenant they don't know what they are talking about and don't understand their own doctrine because official Company teachings in this regard is that they aren't parties to the New Covenant at all, only the 144,000. And they can't claim third party beneficiary status. If you're not a party to the New Covenant you cannot be saved.

    Only true believers who are parties to the New Covenant can receive forgiveness of sins and other attendant benefits[Home]

    Aside from the obvious, that Christ's death brought forgiveness of sins for all true believers committed in this life, those who obtain this benefit, God's people, must be parties to the New Covenant.

    Any man not a party to the New Covenant cannot obtain its benefits anymore than a Baal-worshipping Assyrian could obtain benefits under the Mosaic Law not being a circumcised member of the nation of Israel. And no one can have their robes washed in the blood of the Lamb Jesus, have their sins permanently forgiven in the Christian era and be perfected or justified (declared righteous) during the thousand year reign under an expired New Covenant anymore than a Christian today can have his or her sins forgiven under the obsolete Mosaic law.

    Make no mistake about this one fact: it is absolutely impossible, logically or scripturally, for the Jehovah’s Witnesses to educate the resurrected to perfection (justification, a declaration of righteousness and reconciliation with God; a state of sinlessness) under any set of laws, especially the so-called Law scrolls of Revelation 20:12. The gift of reconciliation, redemption, sanctification, justification and forgiveness of sins through the exercise of faith and God's gift of grace is only possible by and through the New Covenant of Christ’s blood.

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    You are so full of bs.

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