I'm upset

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  • littlebird

    Update. Husband didn't go to the dinner, said he'd rather be with me. The odd thing about the funeral arrangements. Sat. there will be one at the hall. Im surprised since dad wasnt a jw. I wont go to that one . Then there will be a military funeral on monday. I will go to that one. Has anyone ever seen this type of arrangement before.

    I do think there will be alot of questions saturday as to why im not there. I don't believe he will lie and it may open the door for someone to talk some sense into him about this religion.

    Just so you all know, Im still not living at home, I've got a year lease of my own. This should give me plenty of time to see where this relationship goes. Who knows? I guess I still feel like there is hope, so I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

    Thank you for the sympathies. He was always a sweet man to me.

  • scary21

    It"s great that your hubby didn"t go to the dinner. Two seperate funerals Wow! Not to many people get that.

    I did go to one that had a preacher and a JW talk, like the battle of the bands only it was preachers LOL

  • jamiebowers

    Glad to hear your husband is sticking with you!

  • SlipnSlide

    Truly sorry for your loss. I hope that those people who have genuine concern for you and your family really help you and your family to get through this difficult period. Been there and done that. I will pray for you and your family to have the strength to remember those great times that were spent with your loved one and never forget their positive influence on your lives.

  • Snoozy

    . When my jw in laws had their 50th wedding anniversary they had a big party at the local party center.

    We received an invitation in the mail addressed to both my husband (JW) and me (disassociated). I was all happy and went out and bought a new outfit and hubby and I shopped for a gift. A few days before the party we got a call from his married JW sister in NY. She told hubby that they had decided that I was not invited or rather uninvited.

    They said they were afraid that I may stumble someone...with good reason I may add..

    Hubby decided he wouldn't attend either .

    I have to say though, being it was his Dad's funeral , I think I would have encouraged him to go anyway..sorry. Sometimes you have to put your personal feelings aside.


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