Unbelievable WT Oct 15/2010 2nd study article

by bobld 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Nobleheart

    @ sir82

    Your brief summary is right on the point. It's like condemning every person accused of murder to the electric chair, even though some might be innocent.

  • ziddina


    Let's look at this account logically....

    What PROBABLY happened, was this: King David ordered a census. Around that time, or shortly after, a plague struck Israel - anthrax, cholera, diptheria, I'd have to go back and read the account to see what the symptoms were....

    Of course, AFTER the plague struck, a "prophet" or two began claiming to have "warned" King David that "god" was against the census - that is, if "King David" ever actually existed... IN much the same way that people remember AFTER the fact, that they had a "premonition" that "something BAD was going to happen" before ol' Uncle Albert died, 9/11 happened, or whatever disaster you would wish to name...

    The feelings they had AFTER the incident are transferred - in memory - to a time BEFORE the incident, and Voila'!!! Instant prophecy - with fulfillment, even....


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